Carer, healer, songster, giver


Shobha Ingleshwar, among the more popular performing artistes in Sydney, is all of these and more

Shobha Ingleshwar, a Sydney based Reiki grandmaster and teacher, has many feathers in her cap. Besides being a teacher, Shobha Ingleshwar is one of Sydney’s more popular singers, entertaining residents for the last ten years.

She is well known for her versatility not just in style – Bollywood or devotional, she is at ease with both – but in language as well – she sings in more than seven languages including English, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Telugu and Sanskrit.

Though she has no formal training in music and was introduced to the art by her brother, once she started singing publically there was no looking back.

“My love for music comes from my parents, who love music and that has influenced me for as long as I can remember. My dad had a great voice and so do my sisters. The best part was that our family spent many evenings singing happily together,” says Shobha.

“I have no formal training in music and whatever I have learnt is through years of my experience of singing. My brother with whom I normally sing is my motivation,” adds Shobha.

“My brother introduced me to the concept of karaoke in 2004 and after that I began singing publicly at different occasions. One event led to another and suddenly it has become more than a decade of singing,” says Shobha. She adds that her happiest moment was when she sang Dum Maro Dum in front of around 10,000 people at the Olympic Park during the United Indian Association fair when Mika Singh had come. She was also honoured as an outstanding singing talent by Chandana TV in 2010.

“My heart lies with the Indian Seniors Club Hornsby where I have been volunteering for the last seven years. I have volunteered for many charity events as well and that gives me immense satisfaction,” says Shobha. She organized a fundraiser Lata hi Lata at Auburn Town Hall in 2013 and donated the profits of $ 500 to them at the event. She has also been a volunteer with UIA for the last eight years and a part of their Governing Council for the last four.

Shobha says that soon after relocating to Sydney, her husband met with an accident and was left disabled. Though disheartened Shobha decided to work for the disabled and started “Om Get2gethers” in 2010 along with her husband.

“OM Get2gethers came into being as a result of me being able to relate to the problems faced by disabled people being a carer myself. OMG events are free for people with disabilities.

Our get-togethers multiculturalism and provide a platform for performing artistes,” says Shobha, who also promotes reiki meditation and music as a therapy for wellbeing.

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