Engineering success​

Engineering success​

National Office’s Ambarish Natu has been recognised by engineering peak body Engineers Australia for his work as a professional engineer.​ ​

​Ambarish, Assistant Director, Integrated Reporting, ATO Corporate, was awarded the title of Canberra Professional Engineer of the Year 2015 for his work on improving the protocols that define JPEG images.

Announcing the awards earlier this month, the judges called Ambarish a “well-developed, all-round engineer who uses his wealth of knowledge to the benefit of engineers and the wider community as part of the federal public service”.

The panel also acknowledged Ambarish’s contribution towards fostering involvement in the engineering profession, including outside the course of his regular employment. Ambarish, who is a chartered professional engineer, will now represent ACT in the national Engineers Australia awards to be announced later in the year.

“Ambarish’s innovative work on the JPEG standard as part of Standards Australia and the International Standards Committee has demonstrated his commitment to the ongoing development and social responsibility all engineers should embody on behalf of the industry,” announced the judges.

“I am being recognised for some of my earlier work, including what I did at the Department of Communications,” said Ambarish, who added that he was being bestowed with a title of Fellow of Engineers Australia as a result of these contributions.

Since 2003 Ambarish has attracted wider recognition within the Australian engineering community and the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) for his voluntary contribution to the development of several international standards.​


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