Muscle man of Melbourne


Kamaldip Kahma tells his story of bulking up from a skinny teen to becoming 2015’s Mr Victoria

Kamaldip Kahma’s story is that of a 98-pound weakling – well, in his case 88-pound weakling – who managed to muscle up into a world-class body builder. “I still remember my days as a teenager when I was very thin and people used to tease me because I was skinny. There was no gym in my village and the nearest one was in Banga, eight kilometers from my house. I joined the gym because I was determined to gain weight, but soon I developed a passion for body-building,” says Kamaldip.

A year or so later, he joined S N College, Banga, and while there he participated in Guru Nanak Dev University (GNDU) Body Building Competitions for three years in a row. For two years he won silver medals and in the third year managed to win gold.

In 2007, Kamaldip migrated to Australia and his bodybuilding career came to a halt. But only for a bit. In 2011, a chance meeting with Graeme Lancefield, National Amateur Body Building Association (NABBA) International President and World Fitness Federation (WFF) International World President encouraged him to get started again. “I showed him my photographs from previous competitions. He was very impressed and encouraged me to start bodybuilding again. His words worked like magic on me and before I knew it I was raring to go,” he says.

In 2012, Kamaldip won the Mr Victoria competition and was runner-up in the Mr Australia Competition.

“After the competitions in 2012, people starting approaching me for fitness tips and that was when I decided to take up fitness as a career. I started my own gym, Kahma, at Hoppers Crossing, Melbourne, and named after my village in India. We have a membership of 1400 and we also conduct two weekly fitness classes for kids,” says Kamaldip, who now also consults as a dietician and personal trainer.

“Bodybuilding needs time, commitment and dedication. It is a game of fitness, agility and beauty of the muscles in terms of proportion and balance. You have to follow a strict diet to keep your body in shape,” says Kamaldip, who does not drink alcohol, avoids sweets and fried food eats six-eight small meals a day mostly comprising chicken, rice, egg whites, and salad.

“You have to avoid everything that would make your skin look bulky as every muscle has to look clean and crisp during the championships,” he adds.

And he should know. In 2015, Kamaldip has won several bodybuilding titles including Mr Victoria, Mr Australia Class 3, Mr International Class III and Mr Southern Hemisphere Class 3. Kamaldip was also declared the second runner up at WFF (World Fitness Federation) European Championship, which was held on 4 July in Italy. And the year’s not even up yet.

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