Camel hard-sell


The next time you’re looking for a stand-out advertising or marketing promotion, you might want to hitch your wagon to a camel. Peter Hodge’s camels, actually, because he has the most salable sure-footed camels in Australia. “We travel all over Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia providing camel rides at school fetes, markets, festivals, agricultural shows, and for treks. We have even delivered the bride and groom to the church on occasions, and even starred with the three wise men in Christmas nativity scenes,” says Peter, who first became involved in the camel for hire trade in 1986, catching wild camels in the Northern Territory.

“After handling wild camels and seeing how they responded to human contact I fell in love with these wonderful animals,” says Peter, who then took some camels to Tasmania in 1993 and began giving camel rides. He then came to Victoria in 1996 and provided camels for the movie “Kangaroo Jack” in 2001.

Peter hires out his camels for school fetes, parties, events, promos and festivals across the State, offers training courses as well as races camels too. “We successfully raced our camels in Queensland on the professional race circuit from 1997 till 2013. Our best camel was Old Regi Boy who won 65 out of 68 Races between 2005 and 2011,” says Peter, who still races in Alice Springs, his camel Roman Ruma Ruma having won the last two Cups.

Peter has 29 camels at present, and can be contacted on 0428 535321,, or

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