‘Holi Fest in Werribee will be a big day out for families’

Celebrate Holi in Werribee, Wyndham

Festivals of South Asia Inc will celebrate Holi Fest in Werribee on 7 March at the Race Course. This is the second year that Werribee Race Course is hosting a Holi Mela for the region. Over 10,000 people are expected to attend the event this year.  The event is set to start at 11 AM on Saturday and will conclude at 9 PM.

Secretary of Festivals of South Asia Inc. Hari Yellina told The Indian Sun: “South Asians have grown in numbers in the West. We are creating a platform for the youth to exhibit their talents. Our focus is on families.” Wyndham has a huge youth population with very little activities catered to them. Such events will offer a significant platform for its youth and strengthen the multi-cultural fabric of Wyndham.

Last year over 7000 people attended Holi Mela in Werribee. Although the weather was harsh during the Mela in 2014, people turned up in large numbers to celebrate and mark Holi in Wyndham. This year, the organisers are brazing for a larger crowd multiple sponsors have come forward supporting the project already. “The mood has been set and we can feel the vibe,” added Hari.

“Food and colour stalls have all been sold out. More small businesses are showing interest in participating at this year’s Holi as it’s a perfect opportunity for them to promote their business,” Yellina added.

Meanwhile, OFBJP has endorsed Festivals of South Asia Inc.’s Holi Festival and are planning on rituals for the Hindu community in the area.

Sarika Yellina, President of Festivals of South Asia Inc, said: “We want to deliver a safe and fun Holi for families.” Sarika is the only female president of any Indian organisation in Victoria. Most Indian organisations in Victoria are male dominated and their leadership have solely been with men. Despite the increase in domestic violence case that have been rattling the community, not much have been done to promote leadership among women in the community. “This year’s Holi will have a strong message on female empowerment,” said Sarika.

The entertainment for the day is handled by Arya from Desilicious. Over ten DJs and numerous dancers are set to perform.

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