Britain’s oldest man, a Sikh, celebrates Christmas


An Indian-origin 110-year-old Sikh man in Britain is fond of Christmas and he is already celebrating on the eve of the festival.

Nazer Singh, born in Punjab, India, had not heard of Christmas until he moved to England in 1965. Now he is a huge fan, the Daily Express reported Friday.

“Since I came to England I take pride in receiving gifts and giving presents. I’m running out of items to ask for, though,” Singh was quoted as saying.

Singh, an ex-labourer, who lives with son Chain, 61, in Sunderland in North East England, said he would spend the day with family, but would not be seeing all his nine children.

“We always get him warm clothes. Oh, and whiskey. We can’t forget that,” Chain said.

Only two other men in the world are older than Nazar — Sakari Momoi and Yasutaro Koide, who are Japanese, and aged 111.

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