The Bombay Royale’s back in the house, so’s Alisha Chinai


What’s up party people! Four years have gone by in a flash and it’s World Cup time. I’m reminded of the time I saw India get whacked 12-0 by PSV Eindhoven at Nehru Stadium Delhi back in the 90s. Alas India’s football team is not quite as good as the cricket team and we don’t get to qualify. Who knows that might change one day. In the meantime let’s get right behind Australia and in my case England, dashed hopes since 1966 notwithstanding! Let’s hope for a miracle against Chile and the previous finalists Holland and Spain, good luck Socceroos.

The release of Aussie actress Pallavi Sharda’s next film draws closer. She’s been working on Bambai Fairytale over the past few months with Ayushmann Khurrana of Vicky Donor fame. It’s currently scheduled for release in October this year and I for one am looking forward to it. In case you somehow missed it, I thought she was great in Besharam. I’m also a fan of Ayushmann’s singing and music, especially Pani Da Rang and O Heeriye. I hope he gets the chance to do a song or two on the soundtrack.

The PBS Radio Festival was held last month and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported the Mumbai Masala show by taking out a new membership or renewing their existing membership. It certainly is appreciated and if you didn’t quite get around to it you can still do so this month (by 30 June) to go into the draw for the major prizes. You can take out a membership online or by calling the station on (03) 8415 1067.

The Bombay Royale is back in the house with their second album The Island of Dr Electrico and boy does it sound funky. These guys are really kicking it up a notch in terms of developing and evolving their own style. The music is sure to appeal to their core audience of non Indians and alternate music lovers. It’s good to see they’ve added a touch of Punjabi to their cool Bengali and western music roots. Overall there’s plenty of variety on the 12 tracks including Henna Henna which they performed live on BBC TV last year.

Another Aussie act floating my boat is Melbourne outfit Prasaara. I’ve been listening to their debut EP Tales From The Attic. There’s some cool ambient electronic sounds on there with an Indian influence on a couple of the tunes. I don’t mind the tabla and strings on Ghost Creek, intermingled with the creepy atmospheric bits! It’s certainly something different and worth checking out. Big up Pradip Sarkar and the crew. I’m also feeling the single I’ll Be Waiting (Kabhi Jo Badaal) by UK singer Arjun and Arijit Singh. I like this “remix”, it sounds good.

The bhangra scene’s got plenty of new singles. The latest from Team PBN featuring Panjabi by Nature and Bambi is Nath Dig Pey. It’s got his trademark dhol beats and doesn’t disappoint. Lalkara by Sazia Judge and Bups Saggu is very pindu as is Mentah by Foji and Gurlej Akhtar. Not to be outdone, Kundian Mucha (Rav-E, Pappi, Amar Gill) keeps the vibe flowing with Chit Karda (Moneyspinner, Raaj Inder) and Visa (DJ Chan). There’s also Mainu Sohneya Feem De Wargi Nu from the film Jatt James Bond (Gippy Grewal, Sunidhi Chauhan).

More general pop releases include Babul Moraa by Alisha Chinai of Made In India fame, Jalte Hain Dil by new artist Japjit Kaur and Pyaas (Khiza, Zack Knight) on an r&b cut. Mehi’s Pyar Diyan Gallan has done well on the BBC Asian Download Charts though I’m not sure why. Whistle Baja Ke by ex-RDB stars Manj and Nindy Kaur is featured on the soundtrack to Heropanti. Tigerstyle is also back with another electronic dance single Ki Faida. Before going I’d like to big up the Queen, wish her a happy birthday even though it’s not her birthday and say thanks for the holiday!

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Published in The Indian Sun (Indian Newspaper in Melbourne)

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