San Francisco’s Indian chefs turn cricket Kings Mondays


Indian chefs working in kitchens of restaurants around San Francisco’s Bay Area are all week playing with food. But come Mondays they turn to their other passion – a game of cricket.

The group made up largely of chefs from the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, many of whom met while in culinary school in the city of Chennai, has formed San Francisco’s only organized cricket team, called Super Kings.

Because they’re all chefs who don’t work Monday, playing cricket, a childhood love for many, was an obvious way to spend their day off, according to Mission Local, a project of University of California’s Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism.

The Super Kings was formed in 2009, when Dhiru Paulraj Kumar, a chef at Dosa got together to play with other recent immigrants to the Mission area of San Francisco.

Kumar himself recently moved to helm his own restaurant in Philadelphia.

In the larger Bay Area, the SF Super Kings are not alone, Mission Local said. The team plays other groups from San Jose and Sunnyvale, which even supports an organized league, the Bay Area Cricket Alliance.

Published in The Indian Sun (Indian Australian Magazine)

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