Groupon offers chance to act with Shah Rukh Khan


Groupon has teamed up with Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan to give its customers a chance to audition for one of the most hyped Bollywood films of the year, Happy NewYear.

Available exclusively on, Aussies can buy a ticket to audition, giving them access to a private online audition portal; Shah Rukh Khan’s purpose-filmed tutorial offering a crash course in Bollywood acting and dancing; an official movie poster autographed by Shah Rukh Khan; and a certificate of participation signed by the film’s director Farah Khan.

“For everyone who has ever dreamed of being a movie star, this is an opportunity to make that dream a reality. For less than the price of a movie ticket, we’re giving people the chance to star in a real Bollywood blockbuster, alongside one of the biggest movie stars in the world,” says Groupon Australia & New Zealand CEO Alistair Venn.

“We’re glad to have partnered with Groupon for this contest. I wish everyone participating the very best. So give your all to the audition and be a part of ‘Happy New Year’. I’ll see you on the sets!” said Shah Rukh Khan, commenting on the launch of the deal.

Farah Khan says she is looking forward to auditioning people from all walks of life, no matter what the skill level: “I have always found the uniqueness of an artist interesting — so no matter what style of dance you know — good, bad or ugly — if you can make it unique then I am waiting to see you on the sets of Happy New Year. Break a leg!”says Farah Khan.

After the first round of online voting, 500 shortlisted candidates will audition in Mumbai in front of the movie production team, after which the top ten performers will be chosen to perform in front of Farah Khan.

The lucky winner will get ‘star-like’ treatment with a personal vanity van, personal assistant and make-up artist, in addition to being appointed as a character in the movie and his or her name appearing in the movie credits.

This deal is available exclusively on Groupon in India, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

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