50 artistes dance to tune of Rama this April


Indian Dance Centre to present creative art production ‘Ramayana’

With 50 dancers in tow, the Indian Dance Centre will present ‘Ramayana’, an epic mythological creative art production, this April. Complete with dance, drama, exotic costumes, jewellery, props, lights and special effects, the performers will enact the life story of Lord Rama, throwing light on his/her duties and responsibilities in various roles as father, mother, son, daughter, husband, wife, brother, sister, friend, master, and teacher.

“The vision behind ‘Ramayana’ is to give the youth today an opportunity to be aware of Indian heritage, and to understand the importance of Ramayana in our lives. It is also a humble endeavour to take the creative art form to its next level,” say Raghavan Nair and Poornima Sharma of the Indian Dance Centre.

The cast comprises 50 dancers from the age of 1 year to 66 years. Directed and choreographed by Raghavan, who also acts in it, Poornima, while also involved in choreography, is in charge of production and re-mastering the Ramayana concept.

Jewellry designing and costumes are by Nisha Nair, Poonam Singh & Madhu Sharma, while Vishal Sharma handles re-mastering Ramayana music and other sounds effects. Sahil Sood’s Dream Achievers Production house is in charge of marketing and promotions, Anil Sharma in charge of stage and props co-ordination, with Fareha and Raghavan Nair in charge of hair and make-up. Abdul takes care of lights, sound and effects, and Dream Palace, the decorations, while Nitin Madan will be the host for evening in April.

When: 7pm, 5 April

Where: Whitlam leisure centre, Liverpool

For Tickets: Log on to www.drytickets.com.au or contact Sahil Sood at 0402582082


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Published in The Indian Sun (Indian Australian Magazine)

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