Low testosterone blocks sex drive in new dads


Has your husband lost interest in you or lacks sex drive after you delivered a baby? Worry not as this has nothing to do with you gaining that extra weight owing to pregnancy.

The answer lies somewhere deep.

New dads temporarily lose sex drive as their testosterone levels drop by about one-third until the baby reaches 12 months, says a fascinating research.

It’s not just mothers who go through pregnancy and birth, and it’s also not just mothers who biologically respond to parenthood.

“Male species has evolved maternal instincts which are somewhat unique to us compared with our closest relatives,” explained Lee Gettler, a researcher at Notre Dame University located near South Bend, Indiana.

However, these changes does not affect a new dad’s masculinity, Gettler was quoted as saying in media reports.

The solution is here.

Rather than worry about his seemingly lack of interest in having sex with you, use this period to fix a rocky relationship.

Reduce the chance of a divorce as your husband turns more caring, protective and less aggressive as his focus is more on protecting the newborn, advised the researchers.

Published in The Indian Sun (Indian Newspaper in Sydney)

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