Rowland slams cuts to multicultural communities program


Michelle Rowland at the Golden Temple 

Shadow Minister for Citizenship and Multiculturalism, Michelle Rowland has slammed the Liberal Party for asking for donations from multicultural communities after cutting $11.5 million from multicultural funding since coming to office.

Ms Rowland said the Liberal Party was showing contempt for multicultural groups after they launched a ‘Multicultural Liberal Business Club’, which has invited community groups to a $60 a head fundraiser with Bruce Billson two months after cutting $11.5 million from the Building Multicultural Communities Program.

“In December last year the Abbott Government cut $11.5 million out of the Building Multicultural Communities Program. Two months later, the Liberal Party is asking multicultural communities to line their pockets.

“While they rip funding away with one hand they are sending out the collection plate with the other. The Liberal Party should be ashamed.”

Ms Rowland said the Liberal Party has neglected multicultural affairs since coming to Government.

“This is typical of the Liberal Party which doesn’t feel it important enough to have a Minister for Multiculturalism but is happy to establish a new fundraising club targeting multicultural groups,” Ms Rowland said.

Published in The Indian Sun (Indian Magazine  in Australia)

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