Telugu Desam Australia organizes Sankranti Sambaralu


Telugu Desam Australia (TDA)’s Sankranti Sambaralu (Pongal) held at the Granville town hall on Sunday 19 January is the fifth event organised by this new Telugu association in Australia. Telugu Desam Australia has been around for a year-and-a-half and has 200 members.

TDA is the Telugu Desam Party (TDP)’s Australian wing, and the association raises money and support for charity in India. TDA treasurer Vijay Chennupati says that all supporters of TDP are welcome to join the association, and fans of the late NTR will find it great to be part of the association.

TDP has supporters among the Telugu diaspora all over the world, and the diaspora has been instrumental in raising funds for ventures like the Basava Tarokam Indo American Cancer Hospital in Hyderabad. The hospital is one of the best cancer hospitals in India.

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