Deepavali wishes from Bill Shorten, Michelle Rowland


Deepavali, a festival of lights, is a time of celebration for Indians all over the world. Bill Shorten MP, leader of the Opposition Member for Maribyrnong, and Michelle Rowland MP, Shadow Minister for Citizenship and Multiculturalism, Shadow Assistant Minister for Communications Federal Member for Greenway wish Indians a very happy Diwali

Message from Bill Shorten

Deepavali is one of the most joyous celebrations throughout the Sub-continent and around the world.

The celebration draws together not only those of Indian ancestry and followers of the Hindu, Sikh and Jain faiths, but all Australians.

Recognition of this occasion in Australia has become another reminder of the importance of multiculturalism through the Deepavali themes of tolerance, peace and joy in life itself.

One of the many messages of Deepavali is “a candle never loses its brightness by lighting another candle”. All Australians can learn from Deepavali and spread the light of love and peace around our communities.

The Festival of Lights celebrates the brightness within all of us and the personal relationships between us, God and one another. Such themes have lasting resonance for all times and peoples.

During this period we take the time to consider what is important to us as human beings and look with hope to the future – the triumph of good over evil, of light over darkness, and a fresh start.
It is with these sincere thoughts that we wish you all Shubh Deepavali.

Message from Michelle Rowland

It gives me great pleasure to extend my best wishes to all those celebrating Deepavali around Australia as the Shadow Minister for Citizenship and Multiculturalism.

I have a deep affinity with the large Hindu, Sikh and Jain communities in Australia and Deepavali is a time of great excitement for many Australians with a Sub-Continent background.

Around the world millions come together in harmony to celebrate the Festival of Lights and multicultural Australia does the same.
Shops and houses around the country will be illuminated by the glowing light of the Diya and Temples and Gurudwaras will be abuzz with a festival atmosphere.

Deepavali truly is one of the principal religious observances in our diverse community and is a great time to join friends and family and celebrate the festival of lights together with fun and fervour.

To those celebrating Deepavali, I wish you, your families and loved ones all the joy and light of a happy and prosperous Deepavali.

As told to Shveata Chandel Singh

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