SBS wins 2 UNAA awards


Punjabi radio broadcaster Manpreet Singh among winners

SBS has taken away two United Nations Association of Australia Media Awards at a ceremony held 21 October in Melbourne. SBS Punjabi radio broadcaster Manpreet Singh, known for her work on family violence, was among the winners.

The UNAA Awards recognise those in the media whose work highlights and champions human rights and social justice issues and stimulates public debate and changes in public and private policy.

SBS Director of News and Current Affairs Jim Carroll said: “It’s great to see the efforts of our news and current affairs journalists recognised with these awards. They are a reward for our continued commitment to producing quality coverage of such important issues.”

SBS was successful in two special award categories — Jenny Brockie, Fanou Filali and Kym Middleton for the ‘promotion of positive images of the older person’ through SBS TV Insight ‘Good Old Sex’; and Manpreet Singh and Sacha Payne for ‘increasing awareness and understanding of women’s rights and issues through SBS Radio show ‘The Enemy Within’.

Insight, SBS’s forum for first person stories and debate, asked Australia’s seniors about sex — what they want and what they need, exploring their comparatively low knowledge of safe sex practices, the high numbers of sexually transmitted diseases and how to manage sexual activity in nursing homes.

“We’re delighted a show about older Australians having sex has won this award,” said Insight host Jenny
Brockie. “Hopefully it’s helped smash a few stereotypes.”

Radio broadcaster Manpreet Singh, alongside Sacha Payne, reported on family violence in Australia’s Indian community, following several horrific cases of violence against women. Through extensive interviews with victims, they explored the impact of cultural practices such as arranged marriage, the joint family and dowry systems on family violence.

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