Bollywood and all that jazz


Mai Nachungi Dance Company is stepping up its moves to bring Indian culture into the spotlight.

You could say that in 2005, choreographers Pushpa and Megha took a gambol into the world of dance training. And it paid off.

Their Mai Nachungi Dance Company (MNDC) — a small initiative to bring to the fore Indian culture through its famous Bollywood dance style — now prides itself in providing local dance enthusiasts in Melbourne with the best facilities. In less than a decade, it has become one of the most popular dance companies providing a platform to talented dancers to hone their skills.

Talented and graceful choreographer and teacher Pushpa, believes her knowledge of dance styles bharatanatyam, khatak and jazz, coupled with her experience as ISKON Melbourne’s cultural coordinator, has taught her how to captivate an audience and also how to simplify dancing – especially the Bollywood style — for students.

“We started teaching for fun and later realised that there is a need for a Bollywood dancing school in Melbourne, which offers not just dance lessons but a whole dance experience,” says Pushpa.

“MNDC always strives to look after passionate dancers. The company is not just about the techniques of dancing – we want to take you through the journey of India and its rich traditions which includes dancing. We are also working on introducing some new and local Bollywood singers,” she reveals.

“Our passionate teaching team is dedicated to providing students a fun learning environment where they learn the art of dance. We have members from the age groups of 18 to 29 in our team,” she adds.

MNDC has had shows in several cities in Australia, and has performed the opening acts for major Bollywood singers and comedians including Sherya Ghoshal, Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan, Mika Singh and Raju Srivasatava.

She adds that MNDC has performed at Australia Post, Flight Centre, Flag Harmony Day, schools in NSW, various schools in Victoria, the Brisbane Convention Centre, as well as on Channel 7 and Channel 10.

“Our dance company is now working on a Bollywood Girls Nite to help the Breast Cancer Council raise funds for cancer awareness and prevention,” she says, and adds that the charity fund-raiser will take place at GT Road, Victoria on 16th Nov 2013.

“Our dance performances are usually based on a theme. We try to present a story on stage through our choreography,” says Pushpa. “We strive to educate today’s youth on the ways of ancient India, through one of its oldest forms, which is dance. Our main focus is to showcase Indian culture through Bollywood. We pair ancient values with modern interests, and a multitude of dance styles. But through it all, we make sure our students and our viewers have fun,” adds Pushpa.

The team of MNDC dancers comprises Varna, Mega, Kinjal, Sahej, Gangotri, Nishit, Usman, Wariz, Vinay, Randeep, Mehul, Vedika , Sonakshi and Shobit.

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