Event mgt biz on the upswing, but promoters say some new entrants spoil the show


The event management industry is picking up in Australia, with the country becoming one of the most sought after performance destinations for various artistes. In fact, the last couple of weeks have seen so many concerts organised throughout Australia that it’s clear Indian performing arts aficionados are spoilt for choice.

Natives from India feel that live concerts, shows, performances are a way of remaining close to their homeland, identity and roots and that’s possibly the reason most shows, whether in Hindi, Punjabi or any other Indian regional language, run to full houses.

As the demand for concerts grows, the demand for concert promoters also increases. In the last decade, many new promoters and event companies have entered the space. Performers say they are earning more of their income from performances rather than album sales, spurring them to travel more frequently to perform in concerts.

Nillo Duggal, director of SEEG Events, says, “Australia is a growing market. It will keep growing like this for few more years and that is the reason so many shows are being organised here. On many an occasion, we’ve had many shows coincide, so it clearly reflects that it is growing market,” adds Nillo.

“Artistes are keen on performing in Australia because they feel the audience really appreciates and enjoys good performances. But there are some shortfalls as well. Many new promoters and events companies are coming up with the motive of making easy money and that is affecting the market. Shows end up getting cancelled and many are not properly organised, so it does affect other organisers as well,” says Nillo.

Goldy Sharma, director of Sizzlin Events, says, “The music, dance and arts events industry is definitely picking up but with all the newcomers in the industry, the audience must remember the adage ‘all that glitters is not gold’. It holds true for events as well.”

Goldy adds that while on the one hand the growing numbers of the events cater to the needs of the growing Indian community, some of them are so badly organised that it harms the reputations of others associated with this industry.

“There are a few new promoters who have jumped into this industry without prior knowledge as to how events should be organised. That is not a good trend,” says Goldy.

Subbash, an event promoter, suggests that people entering the event management business, start with very small budget shows for the first few years, learn the business and then think about the big events. “In the current scenario, promoters coming into this business start with the big events. While this is a glamorous and prestigious line of work, there are many risks associated with it. You never know whether the show will be a hit or flop. You need to tread cautiously,” says Subbash.

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