On home turf


Amit Khokhar tells Shveata Chandel Singh that real estate is both an emotional and financial investment

After brief stints in accounting and education, Amit Khokhar decided to build a foundation in real estate. And since that move, much like the real estate boom, Khokhar’s career’s been going great guns too.

In just a year, Khokhar has been acknowledged with two prestigious awards in the world of real estate – the ‘Chairperson Encouragement Award’ and the ‘Achievers Excellence Award’ – both of which he received in 2013.

Khokhar, who was born in Karnal (in the northern part of India), came to Australia in 2005 to pursue his Master’s in Accounting at Central Queensland University, Melbourne. When he completed the course, he moved to Western Australia in 2008 and started the Registered Training Organisation, along with a partner, which delivered education and training to local and international students in Perth.

“I love business. It was my dream to set up something on my own and the training organisation was a step towards my dream. I was also the director of that organisation. I did that business for four years and my accounting skills helped me a lot in running business,” says Khokhar.

“I began as director and finally left as CEO. The institution had around 400 students and 30 staff members,” says Khokhar.

“Everything was going good and the business was flourishing but in May 2010, the Federal government made changes in their education policies and the number of the migrants coming into Australia dwindled. Also, there was no government support, so finally I stepped out of that business and entered a new one — real estate – last September,” says Khokhar.

“Real estate is both an emotional and financial investment. It is an emerging industry and is doing great. I am glad that I got an opportunity to get involved. I am now working in close association with the people from my community as well. Migrants are coming here in large numbers. I consider it a privilege to help migrants buy their first property in a new land,” adds Khokhar, who also volunteers for community welfare projects.

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