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It is proven that videos are effective as a medium of communication, that it they increase website rankings, time spent on websites and bottom line, sales. The scene is set for artists who create visual products which have become a key tool in content marketing strategy, linking companies with consumers. The Directors of Creativa Web Videos, Miguel Donnenfeld and Damian Blumenkranc, reveal how videos can create greater engagement and educate audiences through original content.

Creativa Web Videos is the brainchild of two Argentinians living in Melbourne. Founders and directors, Miguel and Damian are marketing, business and technology specialists.

Creativa – the Spanish word for Creative- is one of the biggest web video companies in Melbourne offering a range of products and different styles of Video production. They deliver innovative sales and communication tools that help their clients grow their business and expand the brand.

These two multi-preneurs left Argentina more than 10 years ago looking for professional growth and develop multiple businesses until they launched Creativa back in 2009, with an innovative product: Web Presenters. Today, they not only run one of the most capable video production companies in Melbourne but they are also introducing Cut-out Presenters, video brochures (link: for sales, and dynamic web videos. “We evolved from project to project, working towards building a New-Age Video production company. Miguel’s passion has always been in video, and mine has always been online marketing and helping businesses grow, so when we saw the opportunity to start Creativa and we knew it was just right for us,” says Damian.

“What makes our company special is that first and foremost, we care about our clients. We work towards their objectives. For us it is not just about creating a great looking video, but about making sure that it serves the company’s purpose. This could be to convert more prospects into customers, get a message across, differentiate from competitors or accelerate the sales process,” Miguel adds.

The days of marketing through visual narrative have arrived.

The brand experts have found ways to create fans and engage the public through online videos. “If you are in business looking to do things a little differently and take advantage of the latest communications technologies, then a clever, strategic, targeted web-video is where you should look, a well thought video can be leveraged in many different channels, including website, social media, proposals, apps, tradeshows, and recently on Video Brochures.”

According to the ComScore data – a US-based web traffic measurement company – last year, 10.7 million Australian Internet users watched online video every month and they consumed an average of 10 hours of video each, which is 30% more than 2011. According to this data, in the next 5-10 years, online video marketing will be even greater.

“All companies, big and small, can benefit from using videos on their marketing and communication mix. Some are ready, others are not quite ready yet, but I can see that most companies will be featuring some kind of video on their website in the short term,” says Damian. The company works for Government and non-government agencies like Deakin University, NMIT, Port Phillip Council and Rural Workforce Australia. It has also helped numerous charities and associations such as Ardoch Youth Foundation, Challenge, The Lighthouse Foundation to name just a few.

Everybody that uses the Internet has already experienced the growth of online videos. It is not just about a funny cat video, almost every descent site nowadays features at least a video. As a result, videos have become one of the main pillars of content marketing and producers are directing a lot of energy towards this art form. “In our experience, videos on websites can increase sales and sales team efficiency from 30-400%, shorten the sales cycle and reach more, better and bigger clients,” he says.

The exponential increase of multimedia devices in the world is not new. However, what is exciting is that more online video consumption helps to engage and connect with your audience, increasing the time spend on the Website, which means more opportunities for product sales.

Not all videos are the same, and more importantly, not all videos serve all purposes… Damian says it is necessary to understand how the video can be used. “A trade show video will probably be produced without a narration and designed to communicate in blocks so it can loop indefinitely, whereas a web video might benefit from having a presenter or a voice over to tell the story and get the viewer’s attention. It is important to consider the delivery medium to decide the style and content of the video.”

Getting the message across

Videos not only carry information they can also include entertainment and emotional content as a way to improve the popularity of brands and create bonds with the viewers. By adding value, it’s possible to create brand loayalty through the narrative.

There is a primary technical division: on one side we find videos based on real footage, recorded on camera and edited as a movie, such as presenters to camera, business showcases, interviews & testimonials or “case studies”; and then there are animations or graphic videos that are produced without the use of a real camera but with drawings, graphics, charts, characters, and lots of creativity. Some examples of later videos are info-graphic videos, whiteboard video animations, cartoon animations, kinetic text and motion graphic videos. (we can link to the Melbourne water video example

It is essential to professionalise the process with experts that provide advice and lead the company through the new language of Social Media.
When asked about their favourite video style Damian commented “The range of styles we can produce also keeps us honest with our clients. We are a one stop shop for videos and we don’t need to convince them to go for any specific style, we can recommend what we truly believe is the best one for the job.”


“We do everything in-house. We have a green screen studio, a room full of editors and animators, marketing gurus and a pretty awesome Foosball Table to keep the creativity flowing! But it doesn’t stop there. We have full control over the production, we deliver on time and on budget, and all in our team have great pride on every piece we produce.”

If you are thinking of videos and want to discuss your options in terms of style and delivery channels, Creativa offers a free initial consultation that includes a tour through their Green Screen Studio, and coffee…

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