Chibber made Labor appealing to community, says Raj Datta


Strathfield councillor Raj Datta on the election results

Do you think the new government will mean a changed situation? If so, how? Could you give the reasons you think the Coalition’s rule will be different?

It is predicted that there would be many cuts and job losses. We have to wait and see how the education reform package is impacted upon.

Do you think the Coalition supports migrants?

Australia is a country of migrants and it will need migrants on an ongoing basis, among other things, to make up for any skill shortage.

What do you think the concerns of the Indian community were?

Like any other new migrant community Indian Australians would look for sound and equitable education policies so that the best talents can get trained for the best possibilities, in respective chosen field regardless of the financial strength of the parents. The community would be looking for good ‘Health care policies’ so that all can expect to get the same level of care regardless of financial strength. Good transport policies are also very important for any migrant community and new arrivals.

How do you read the results from Western Sydney?

Hard working Australians still have a lot of faith in Labor values and principles. I believe Bhupinder Chhibber as a Labor candidate for Senate added to the appeal of Labor party in the community, in particular among Indian Australians and Indian Sub-continental Australians.

Do you think there should’ve been more Indian candidates in the election?

I think more and more aspirants should join the political process and I am sure it will happen. The process needs a lot of personal sacrifice. The game of politics is more comparable to a
marathon rather than a sprint.

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