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Molina Swarup Asthana

Molina Swarup Asthana is a principal solicitor with the Victorian Government Solicitor’s Office and her job itself entails a degree of social commitment. Having worked at top tier law firms, which are much more lucrative in monetary terms, she chose a career with the government as she finds that more fulfilling in terms of her commitment to social welfare.

Since her move to Australia she has been volunteering at community legal centres to provide free legal aid to the needy. Currently, she is working to set up free legal clinics on behalf of another community organisation.

She is also a director on two NGOs in Australia — Asha Global that supports women and their children in the red light districts in Mumbai forced into illegal prostitution, and the Australian Center for Human Rights and Health, a task force for tackling health and violence related issues in the community.

She is also a founding member and Director of the South Asian Youth Connect Australasia (SAYCA) which is an Australia based youth organisation committed to undertake sustained productive engagement of South Asian-Australian Youths with Australian government, business, media and broader Australian communities.

She is also a member of the South Asian Public Affairs Council, a not for profit devoted to preserving the South Asian Culture by promoting education, health, cultural awareness, youth development, economic development, and policy initiatives within Australia.

She also speaks on SBS Hindi radio regularly on legal issues of interest to Indians living in Australia with wide ranging topics like racial discrimination to consumer protection.

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