Family ties


Monica Raizada

With a master’s degree in Economics and a post-graduate diploma in education from Melbourne University, Monica Raizada is an accomplished educationist. Life continues after school hours too as Monica is also a highly acclaimed social worker helping domestic violence victims as well as other needy people in society. She is also chairperson of domestic violence project and member of the Domestic Violence Forum under the leadership of MP Marsha Thompson.

As vice president of AISV, she has helped organise the Indian Independence Day celebrations in Parliament on 15 August. “I have also been organising events to benefit the community like Family Harmony Day,” says Monica.

She has also been supportive of her husband Rakesh Raizada’s involvement in assisting the migrant and multicultural community. In fact, FIAV honoured her for her support to her husband.

Monica is also an acclaimed yoga practitioner and spiritual scholar and was invited by the Commonwealth Bank to deliver a lecture on yoga and spirituality.

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