Celebrating Father’s day, Father’s way


September started on a very promising note with 1 September being celebrated as Father’s Day, an occasion to renew the bond of love a father shares with his children

In Indian society, father is the foundation of a family. He is the provider. He makes sacrifices for his family, supports them in all possible ways and loves them unconditionally.

The Indian Sun spoke to fathers and children from the Indian community based in Sydney to find out what they felt about the day.

Father: Jeet Mohan | Son: Shourya Nidhi


Jeet Mohan feels that fathers now are more like friends, and they should be. He says that if you are friendly with your kids, you will understand them better.
“A father doesn’t tell his children that he loves them, but shows it instead,” says Jeet.

“Being a father, I am enjoying the journey of seeing my children growing and flourishing,” he adds.

Shourya says his father is more like a friend to him and is around whenever he needs him.

“I enjoy spending time with my father. Both of us usually spend our leisure together with our dog Nero. Taking him to the vet or for a walk together is what makes us happy,” he says.

Father: Ajayangshu Banerjee | Son: Rijul


Ajayangshu sees a father as a guide and a mentor for his children.

Ajayangshu says that in the ancient times, fathers had a fixed set of duties but now despite busy schedules they help in every possible way in the upbringing of their kids.

He believes that parents have to maintain the pace with their kids, only then can they understand their children in a better way.

“I share everything with my father without any hesitation and fear. If I have done something wrong, he won’t get angry; instead he makes me understand my mistakes,” says Rijul.
“Father’s day is an occasion to greet your father who is your mentor, your first guru, whose life has had an impact on yours,” says Rijul

Father: Puneet Grover | Children: Arnav and Jhanvi

Puneet, father of Arnav and Jhanvi Grover, says that society is changing and that the new generation is not patient.

“Being a father, I feel have a tougher role to play than my father did. In today’s society you are encouraged not to provide negative feedback but wrap it in some positive words. This makes the younger generation feel whatever they are doing is right. For a parent it is one of the most difficult things to do,” he says.

“Man’s most important role is being a father, it’s when he understands the pain that his father would have gone though,” he adds.

He says that the word FATHER sums it all up – Friend Advisor Teacher Helper Electronic savvy Role model.

Arnav and Jhanvi say they are influenced by their father and say being a simple person their father always emphasises hard work and patience.

“We respect our dad a lot. His support is our strength and whatever we have learnt from him means a lot to us,” say Arnav and Jhanvi.

Father: Gurvinder Singh | Daughters: Jaspreet and Rabjot


Gurvinder Singh feels the father-children relationship has undergone a complete transformation in the present times.

He says that fathers are more co-operative. Despite busy schedules they help in the upbringing of their children. He feels fortunate to have Jaspreet and Rabjot in his life and says that his world revolves around his children.

“ One of the best things that we love about our father is that besides being busy he find time for us, and not just any time but spectacular and quality time,” they say.

“He teaches us moral values and provides us tips everyday when he drops us to school. Our father is a role model in our lives. No matter where we would be in future, he will always remain our hero,” say Jaspreet and Rabjot.

“Whenever he gets upset with us, we try and make him feel better by apologising and hugging him. We would always promise him never to repeat the mistake again, and remind him how much he matters to us and how unconditionally we love him,” they add.

Father: Ravi Chanana | Daughters: Pavani and Ria


“I have two daughters. When my first daughter was born, people asked whether I was disappointed I didn’t have a son, but honestly there is no bigger prize than the joy of raising daughters. Five years later, I was blessed with a second daughter. Bringing up sons may be just as good, for all I know – but raising girls makes for a wonderful, exciting, interesting and fun-filled lifetime,” feels Ravi.

“What I enjoy most about raising daughters is when I explain our values to them, our culture and traditions, being settled away from our own country, India,” says Ravi.

Pavani, Ravi’s younger daughter, says that the best time she has had with her father was when they went on a ride in Luna Park.

“My father is very supportive and helpful whenever I need him,” says Pavani.

Ria, Ravi’s elder daughter, says that every moment she spends with her father is priceless. She always remembers the time in India when she along with her father used to go and watch movies together. She treats those moments as the best ones in her life.

“When my Dad gets upset, I go and study so he is happy,” says Ria.


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