AITTC to showcase India through its festivals


Since its launch in Sydney this March, Australia India Travel and Tourism Council (AITTC) has been working to facilitate the increase of business and leisure travel between the two countries.

AITTC is a non-profit and non-political association that aims to help individuals and organisations passionate about the growth of travel and tourism in Australia and India. The Council provides a platform for interested individuals and organisations to formally interact, share information, identity issues and solutions.

AITTC is also in the process of developing specific initiatives and strategies to facilitate growth of bilateral tourism traffic movement.

In one of its initiatives to promote the travel between India and Australia, AITTC in partnership with India Tourism hosted a grand function on Festivals of India in August.

Around 50 distinguished guests from the industry attended the evening, the primary focus of which was to showcase the colour of India through its various festivals.

Regional director of India Tourism Madhu Dubey made an excellent presentation based on the festivals of India, while AITTC chairperson Sandip Hor in his opening speech said that the presentation will inspire tour operators to develop exciting products to see India through its festivals.


“India is a land of many attractions from the amazing Taj Mahal, Red Fort, and palaces of Rajasthan to the serene backwaters of Kerala and the snow-capped peaks of Jammu and Kashmir. India is home to people from different cultural backgrounds, and celebrates a large number of festivals throughout the year. These festivals bring out the best of India in terms of colour, vibrancy and diversity. Even in the top 50 festivals of the world, at least eight are from India,” said Hor.

He also stated that the first draft of the three-year strategic plan of AITTC is complete and the organisation had commenced consultation on its effectiveness with the stakeholders.

Other speakers for the evening included Arun Kumar Goel, Consul General of India in Sydney, and David Elliot, MP Member for Baulkham Hills.


All the speakers welcomed the move to resume the direct Air India flight between Australia and India and agreed that it would certainly act as a catalyst to enhance bilateral tourism.

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