One with the Sufi


After houseful shows in England and Canada recently, Sufi singer Barkat Sidhu is all set for his debut performance in Melbourne.
A skilled classical music vocalist, adept at every nuance of the art, Barkat believes the classical music form is the basis of all rhythms and tunes. “It forms the base for anyone who calls himself a singer,” says Barkat.

Born in 1946, Barkat comes from the Moga district of Punjab and is an exponent of the Patiala Gharana. And to this day, Barkat takes every effort to keep Punjab’s heritage of classical and folk music alive even during the glamour of pop and remix era.
Besides having received numerous awards all through his career, Barkat has had the honour of singing with artistes such as the legendary Ghulam Ali of Pakistan and Master Saleem (who incidentally, is his nephew).

Listen to Barkat when he sings the songs of poets such as Bulle Shah, Shah Hussain, Baba Farid and others. A soul-stirring experience for those tuning in for his voice is simply one with Sufiana poetry.

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