RACV’s winter driving tips: Stay safe and chill out

By Our Reporter
Car driving on road in Mount Hotham in Victorian sky fields // Pic supplied by RACV

Winter has officially arrived, and with the June long weekend on the horizon, RACV is urging motorists to exercise caution as wet, foggy, and icy conditions become more common in the coming months.

A recent RACV poll revealed that 38 per cent of respondents plan to spend the June long weekend on a road trip or heading to Victoria’s High Country, where the snow season has commenced.

Before embarking on journeys along snow-covered roads, Victorian drivers should ensure their tyres have adequate tread. Cold weather can also lead to car batteries going flat more frequently, so testing battery strength and parking in a garage if possible is advisable.

Vehicles should be equipped with quality, diamond-shaped snow chains, and drivers must be prepared to fit them when travelling on snow-covered roads. Failing to comply with directives from snow field authorities regarding snow chains can result in fines of up to $370 from Victoria Police. Moreover, not fitting the chains when required can lead to fines as high as $970.

RACV Head of Policy James Williams emphasised the differences in driving during the winter months compared to other times of the year. Winter weather, especially snow, can affect how we perceive road conditions, and driving in the dark can increase fatigue.

“Winter driving has its unique challenges, with visibility often reduced by fog and snow, and shorter daylight hours contributing to tiredness. RACV reminds motorists to adapt to conditions, which might mean reducing speed and increasing the distance between vehicles,” Mr Williams said.

For those planning longer road trips this winter, such as over the upcoming long weekend, RACV advises making use of rest stops to refresh and avoid fatigue. The focus on safety and preparedness can ensure a smoother and safer journey for all.

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