Mimosa Homes presents innovative NCC Price Pause Promotion

By Our Reporter

Mimosa Homes, Melbourne’s premier new home builder, is taking a bold step in addressing the challenges posed by rising construction costs in the wake of updates to the National Construction Code (NCC). In an industry where cost escalations are becoming the norm, Mimosa Homes is breaking the mould by introducing their NCC Price Pause Promotion, aimed at providing customers with unparalleled value and affordability.

The construction sector has been grappling with significant cost hikes, attributed in part to the evolving standards set by the NCC. However, instead of passing these increases onto customers, Mimosa Homes has chosen to absorb these costs themselves, ensuring that their customers can still access top-quality, energy-efficient homes without breaking the bank.

What sets Mimosa Homes apart is their commitment to delivering 7-star energy-efficient homes that not only meet but exceed industry standards. Imagine owning a meticulously crafted Mimosa Home, complete with double-glazed windows, upgraded insulation, and solar panels, all included in the base price. This means customers can enjoy the benefits of a sustainable, cost-effective home without any additional financial burden.

Mimosa Homes has long been recognised for their dedication to quality and innovation. As Melbourne’s premier new home builder, they cater to a wide range of customers, from first-time buyers to seasoned investors and growing families. Their architecturally designed homes boast flexible modern floorplans, luxurious facades, and competitively priced house and land packages across Melbourne’s West, North, South East, and Geelong regions.

The NCC Price Pause Promotion reflects Mimosa Homes’ ethos of putting customers first and ensuring that everyone has access to affordable, high-quality housing. By absorbing the impact of construction cost increases, they are setting a new standard in the industry and reaffirming their position as trailblazers in innovation and customer satisfaction.

For those looking to make their dream of owning a sustainable, stylish home a reality, Mimosa Homes’ NCC Price Pause Promotion is a game-changer. With no compromise on quality or features, this promotion signifies a new era in affordable homeownership in Melbourne and beyond.


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