Beaconhills College embracing diversity, driving change

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Beaconhills College radiated vibrancy as it celebrated Harmony Day and Cultural Diversity Week in a colorful extravaganza, showcasing the excitement of its students.

Celebrated last week, the school canteens offered a tantalisng array of cuisines each day, providing students with a diverse culinary experience. Meanwhile, multicultural activities kept everyone engaged, including cultural dancing and music demonstrations, Indigenous language and storytelling sessions, international food sharing, origami and dance workshops, and the creation of artwork for a special ‘culture wall’ in the Middle School quadrangle.

Reflecting on the celebrations, Danielle Negri, deputy Head of Middle School Pakenham Campus, emphasized the importance of recognizing and embracing the community’s diversity. “Our Harmony Day celebrations aimed to bring together students from all different backgrounds to share and learn about other cultures,” she remarked, expressing delight at the enthusiastic participation of so many students.

In a unique collaboration, Beaconhills College Berwick Campus joined forces with the Officer Gurdwara, also known as the Green Gurdwara of Victoria, for a day of environmental action on Wednesday, 20 March.

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Led by Dr Harpreet Singh Kandra, a community volunteer and academic at Federation University, the event focused on crafting garden beds from discarded materials.

Dr Kandra highlighted the challenge faced by waste managers in dealing with tons of used tires and advocated for viewing waste as a valuable resource. Under his guidance, students repurposed the tires to create garden beds, planting various vegetables in 25 of them. This hands-on project not only reduces waste in landfills but also helps mitigate carbon pollution.

The initiative benefits the community in multiple ways. Increased vegetable production supports the free Community Kitchen, while the plants aid in carbon sequestration. Additionally, students gain practical experience in Circular Economy principles, contributing to a more sustainable future while easing the burden on waste managers.

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