Tamil Association QLD Hosts THINKUKNOW Child Safety Program at Griffith Uni

By Nick Attam
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Tamil Association Queensland hosts THINKUKNOW Child Safety Program, educating Griffith University community on online safety for children in Queensland, Australia

On March 9, 2024, the Tamil Association Queensland Inc organized a highly impactful event at Griffith University, hosting the THINKUKNOW Child Safety Program. The session, which was well attended by members of the community, focused on equipping parents and caregivers with vital knowledge on safeguarding children in the digital age.

The THINKUKNOW program, spearheaded by law enforcement agencies such as the Australian Federal Police (AFP), is an evidence-based education initiative aimed at preventing online child sexual exploitation. It provides comprehensive guidance on understanding what young people encounter, express, and engage in online, while also addressing the potential challenges they may face.

Led by representatives from the AFP and the Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation (ACCCE), the session covered crucial topics including identifying online risks, recognizing warning signs, and knowing how to report and seek assistance if a child encounters harmful content or experiences online abuse.

One of the notable speakers at the event was Dr. Tarun Sehgal, a Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, who provided valuable insights into the psychological impacts of online interactions on children and adolescents. His expertise shed light on the importance of fostering a safe and supportive online environment for young people.

Additionally, Mr. Riyaz Ahamed, Director of Cellaphone Brisbane City and Calamvale, shared practical tips and strategies for parents and caregivers to implement effective parental controls and monitor their children’s online activities responsibly.

The session underscored the collaborative effort between law enforcement agencies, industry partners, and mental health professionals in safeguarding children against online threats. By raising awareness and providing actionable advice, the THINKUKNOW program empowers communities to proactively address online safety concerns and protect the well-being of children.

The Tamil Association Queensland Inc expressed gratitude to the speakers and partners involved in facilitating the event, including the AFP, ACCCE, Dr. Tarun Sehgal, and Mr. Riyaz Ahamed. Their contributions were instrumental in delivering an informative and engaging session that equipped attendees with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the digital landscape safely.

As communities continue to grapple with evolving online risks, initiatives like the THINKUKNOW Child Safety Program serve as vital resources for empowering individuals and strengthening collective efforts to safeguard children from harm in the digital world. Through ongoing education and collaboration, we can strive towards creating a safer online environment for all.

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