Local author Krissy Regan launches heartwarming “Bella” collaboration

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Krissy Regan with daughters Clodagh and Kara // Pic supplied

Local author Krissy Regan set to launch heartwarming collaboration Bella the Brown Butted Bird on International Women’s Day in Charters Towers

In Charters Towers, Queensland, esteemed local author and wellness advocate Krissy Regan is preparing to reveal her latest literary masterpiece, Bella the Brown Butted Bird, at an exclusive book launch event coinciding with International Women’s Day celebrations. This heartwarming collaboration, co-created with Krissy’s two daughters, Clodagh and Kara, promises to enchant readers of all ages with its captivating narrative and whimsical illustrations.

After months of dedicated effort, Book 5 by Krissy Regan has finally reached the printer, much to the excitement of fans and readers alike. This hardcover edition, expected to hit shelves within the next two weeks, represents a significant milestone in Krissy’s illustrious literary career.

In a touching display of family unity and creative synergy, Krissy Regan teamed up with her two daughters to breathe life into Bella the Brown Butted Bird. Through the character of Bella, readers will embark on a heartwarming journey of motherhood, love, and laughter, as the story unfolds around a mishap involving a golden Easter egg.

The official launch of Bella the Brown Butted Bird is scheduled to take place at an International Women’s Day event in Charters Towers on Saturday, 16 March. Krissy Regan and her family will be in attendance to introduce the book to the public, marking a joyous celebration of creativity, collaboration, and female empowerment.

Following the launch event, Krissy Regan will embark on a series of radio interviews and media engagements to offer insights into the creation of Bella the Brown Butted Bird and the inspiration behind the story. Audiences can anticipate an intimate glimpse into the creative process and the cherished moments shared during the collaborative effort.

Readers and supporters are warmly invited to join Krissy Regan and her family at the International Women’s Day event in Charters Towers as they celebrate the launch of Bella the Brown Butted Bird. This promises to be an unforgettable occasion, providing attendees with the chance to immerse themselves in Bella’s enchanting world and embrace the spirit of female resilience and empowerment.

Krissy Regan, affectionately known as The Wellness Poet, is a celebrated author, poet, speaker, and wellness coach. As the founder of Mindful Mums Qld, Krissy empowers mothers to prioritise self-care and holistic well-being. Her commitment to promoting mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness has earned her recognition as a finalist in the 2022 Australian Women’s Small Business Champion Awards.

Readers can explore Krissy’s extensive collection of books, including Bella the Brown Butted Bird, on her website and various online retailers.

For further inquiries, contact Krissy Regan via email at krissyregan@gmail.com, reach her by phone at +61 (0) 419 398 581, or visit her website at www.thewellnesspoet.com.

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