Queensland launches homes to support at-risk youth across state

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The Queensland Government, under the leadership of Premier Steven Miles, is rolling out a comprehensive initiative, Homes for Queenslanders, to address youth homelessness and provide essential support to at-risk young individuals across the state. This initiative entails the establishment of eight new youth foyers, designed to offer safe accommodation and comprehensive support services to Queenslanders aged between 16 and 25 years old.

Premier Steven Miles emphasised the fundamental right of “every Queenslander” to have “a place to call home.” He underscored the pressing need for such initiatives due to the increasing demand for housing, driven by population growth, which has resulted in soaring prices and rents. According to Premier Miles, services like youth foyers are crucial to provide the necessary support for young people who might otherwise fall through the cracks, enabling them to “pursue education, employment, and eventually achieve homeownership.”

Housing Minister Meaghan Scanlon echoed Premier Miles’s sentiments, emphasising the significant challenges faced by young people without stable housing. She highlighted the transformative impact that youth foyers can have on their lives, drawing attention to the success stories of existing youth foyers in locations such as the Gold Coast and Logan, which have already assisted over 200 individuals. Minister Scanlon also mentioned the impending completion of another facility in Townsville, further underscoring the government’s commitment to addressing homelessness.

Member for Cairns, Michael Healy, expressed optimism about the impending establishment of a youth foyer in Cairns, describing it as a pivotal opportunity to positively impact the lives of young people in the community. He stressed the importance of providing them with “a safe environment and support to pursue their goals,” echoing the sentiments of Premier Miles and Minister Scanlon.

Stephen Vines, Queensland State Director of Mission Australia and Co-Chair of the FoyerInvest Working Group, commended the government’s initiative for its emphasis on early intervention and the provision of essential life skills, education, and training opportunities. Vines emphasised that such initiatives are crucial for breaking the cycle of homelessness and enabling young people to achieve independence and contribute positively to their communities.

Liz Cameron-Smith, CEO of The Foyer Foundation, welcomed the government’s commitment to investing in youth foyers. She emphasised the importance of providing vulnerable young people with “the support they need to overcome homelessness and realise their full potential,” aligning with the overarching goal of the Homes for Queenslanders initiative.

Under this initiative, the government plans to establish the first three youth foyers in Cairns, Hervey Bay, and Moreton Bay, with additional sites to be identified in consultation with local communities. These foyers will provide accommodation for up to 40 young people each, offering them a safe and supportive environment as they work towards independence and future success.

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