Athapaththu shines in WBBL|09 Team of the Tournament

By Our Reporter
Chamari Atapattu in the nets // Pic supplied

The recently announced Weber WBBL|09 Team of the Tournament has showcased the exceptional talent in women’s cricket, with Chamari Athapaththu of Sydney Thunder making a significant mark in the lineup. The selection, determined by votes from the eight Club head coaches, features a mix of seasoned veterans and rising stars, reflecting the evolving landscape of women’s cricket in Australia.

Beth Mooney of Perth Scorchers, a wicketkeeper-batter and the BKT Golden Bat winner, has once again proved her mettle by becoming the competition’s all-time leading run-scorer. Mooney amassed 539 runs this season, including an unbeaten 101, elevating her total WBBL runs to a staggering 4647. Her performance has solidified her reputation as the premier batter in WBBL history.

Joining Mooney at the top of the order is Katie Mack of Adelaide Strikers, who has had an impressive season with 449 runs, including a career-best 86. The first drop is occupied by Chamari Athapaththu from Sydney Thunder, who has contributed significantly with 511 runs. Athapaththu’s inclusion highlights her growing stature in the league, underscoring her prowess as a dependable and dynamic batter.

The middle order is a testament to the depth and power of the team, featuring captains Sophie Devine of Perth Scorchers and Ellyse Perry of Sydney Sixers. Both all-rounders have led their respective teams with distinction. Devine’s 476 runs and 14 wickets have been instrumental in leading the Scorchers to a second-place finish in the regular season. Perry, on the other hand, led the Sixers in both runs and wickets, scoring 496 runs and taking 13 wickets.

Annabel Sutherland of Melbourne Stars has also made her presence felt with 288 runs and 23 wickets. Her all-round abilities have been crucial for the Stars, showcasing her as one of the bright young talents in the league.

Chamari Athapaththu at a local cricket club in Sydney // Pic supplied

The lower order and bowling attack feature Amy Edgar from Perth Scorchers, spinner Amanda-Jade Wellington from Adelaide Strikers, and rising star Chloe Ainsworth, also from the Scorchers. Edgar finished the season with a notable 20 wickets and 82 runs. Wellington’s 20 wickets, including a standout 3-4 innings against the Stars, have been pivotal. Ainsworth ended her season with 15 wickets, establishing her as a promising talent for the future.

The bowling attack is spearheaded by Sixers’ Lauren Cheatle and Sophie Day of Melbourne Stars. Cheatle, with her 21 wickets, has caught the attention of the Australian selectors, while Day’s 27 wickets, including a 5-25 innings against the Sixers, led her to double her WBBL career wickets.

The 12th player in the squad is Charli Knott from Brisbane Heat, who has added 18 wickets to her tally this season, taking her to 137 career WBBL wickets.

Alistair Dobson, Cricket Australia’s General Manager of Big Bash Leagues, praised the selected team, highlighting its strong batting and skilful bowling. He noted that the team’s composition, with many domestic players, reflects the depth of Australian cricket and the strength of the WBBL competition. The players selected are not only exceptional in their individual capacities but also critical contributors to their respective teams.

As the Finals series approaches, these players’ performances will be closely watched, promising some exciting and competitive cricket. Their inclusion in the Team of the Tournament not only recognises their individual achievements but also symbolises the growing stature and competitiveness of women’s cricket globally.

The Weber WBBL|09 Team of the Tournament is a fitting tribute to the players’ hard work and dedication. It serves as an inspiration for upcoming cricketers and a testament to the enthralling cricketing action that the WBBL continues to offer.

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