World Literacy Foundation seeks Australian youth ambassadors

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The World Literacy Foundation has unveiled a youth-led initiative aimed at combatting the pervasive issue of illiteracy, and it’s now actively seeking fervent youth ambassadors from Australia.

With just a mere nine days remaining before the registration deadline, this represents a final rallying call for young leaders, aged between 15 to 25, to step forward and become catalysts for change within their communities.

The initiative promises an unparalleled opportunity for Australian youth to confront the concerning decline in reading proficiency and bolster public awareness regarding the critical significance of foundational literacy skills.

Over the span of three months, participants in this youth leadership development endeavor will undergo intensive training and receive robust support, while also gaining access to a global network of 2400 like-minded individuals hailing from various corners of the globe.

Lorena Torres, the global coordinator for the Youth Ambassador Program at the World Literacy Foundation, emphassed the profound impact of illiteracy and the pivotal role of youth in effecting transformative change.

“Conscious of the impact of illiteracy, we want to train young people around the world to become change-makers in their own country or region,” said Torres. “When we help someone to acquire literacy skills, we are empowering them with access to better opportunities in life and breaking the poverty cycle. We train young ambassadors to help us eradicate illiteracy.”

Eager individuals keen on championing the cause of literacy are encouraged to delve deeper and register at the dedicated link: World Literacy Foundation Ambassador Program.

The World Literacy Foundation is a leading not-for-profit charity striving to eradicate illiteracy by 2040. The Foundation works in 52 countries and reaches 500 million people each year.

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