Tribute to a visionary: celebrating Dr. Hari Harinath’s legacy

By Our Reporter
Dr Hari Harinath and Mark Coure MP

dr. Hari Harinath, a revered figure in both the medical and cricketing communities of New South Wales, passed away on 18 November, leaving behind a legacy marked by profound contributions to multiculturalism and sports. His demise was surrounded by family and loved ones, signifying the close-knit bonds he nurtured throughout his life.

As a testament to his remarkable life and contributions, Mark Coure MP, Member for Oatley and Shadow Minister for Multiculturalism, paid homage to Dr. Hari, recounting his exemplary service and the deep personal connection they shared.

Mr. Coure, reflecting on Dr. Hari’s journey, noted, “Dr. Hari arrived in Sydney in 1971, working his way up within the sport he loved the most… cricket.” His ascent to the chairman of Cricket NSW and as a board member of Cricket Australia exemplified his dedication and passion for the sport. However, Dr. Hari’s influence extended far beyond the cricket field.

In his role as the Chair of Multicultural NSW for eight years, Dr. Hari collaborated closely with Mr. Coure, especially during the latter’s tenure as the Minister for Multiculturalism. Mr. Coure expressed his admiration, stating, “As the Chair of Multicultural NSW, it was my great privilege to work closely alongside Dr. Hari. He served the advisory board with the utmost dedication and expertise.”

Dr. Hari’s ability to resonate with individuals across different backgrounds was a cornerstone of his approach to multiculturalism. Mr. Coure remarked on this unique trait, saying, “Dr. Hari had an ability to connect with anyone he met. He believed that our diversity in New South Wales is our strength.” This belief was not just a statement but a guiding principle for Dr. Hari, driving his efforts to create an inclusive and unified community.

His legacy in building bridges between diverse communities was a hallmark of his vision for a multicultural New South Wales. Mr. Coure highlighted this, adding, “Dr. Hari built bridges between communities, recognising that our multicultural state was a source of unity, rather than division.”

The recognition of Dr. Hari’s contributions came both nationally and internationally. Mr. Coure noted, “For his efforts, Dr. Harinath was awarded an Order of Australia Medal in the 2009 Queen’s Birthday Honours for service to cricket and to the community.” He also received the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman in 2017, a prestigious honour by the President of India, acknowledging his impact as an overseas Indian.

Mr. Coure concluded his tribute by acknowledging the indelible mark Dr. Hari has left on the state, “Dr. Hari’s efforts have not only transformed Multicultural NSW as an organisation but have made our State a better, far more inclusive place to live.”

As the community mourns Dr. Hari Harinath, it also celebrates the legacy of a man who championed the cause of unity in diversity. His life and work remain a beacon for future generations, embodying the true spirit of multiculturalism and community service.

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