Betashares launches Global Cash Flow Kings ETF on ASX

By Our Reporter

Betashares Global Cash Flow Kings ETF (ASX: CFLO) has officially made its debut on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), marking a significant addition to the investment landscape. This new exchange-traded fund offers investors a unique opportunity to tap into a diversified portfolio of 200 global companies, all renowned for their robust free cash flow.

CFLO’s strategic composition aligns its sector and country weights with broad global equity benchmarks, making it an attractive option for those seeking a core exposure to global equities. The fund aims to mirror the performance of an index comprising these 200 companies, prior to the deduction of fees and expenses.

One of the key benefits of CFLO lies in its potential for outperformance. Historically, companies exhibiting high levels of free cash flow have shown a tendency to surpass broad global equity benchmarks over medium to long-term periods. CFLO’s index methodology selectively targets global entities that not only demonstrate strong and consistent free cash flow generation but also exhibit growth in this area, coupled with relatively low levels of debt.

As of 14 November 2023, the fund’s Net Asset Value (NAV) per unit stands at $15.02, with a total net asset value of $1,251,182. It has 83,300 units outstanding and operates with a management fee and cost of 0.40% per annum. The fund provides for semi-annual distribution and offers options for full or partial participation in its Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRP). Link Market Services acts as the registry for the fund.

CFLO’s portfolio boasts significant names in the corporate world, with top holdings including Microsoft Corp, Adobe Inc, Visa Inc, UnitedHealth Group Inc, and Costco Wholesale Corp, amongst others. The fund’s current price per share is $14.98, reflecting the latest trading data.

Moreover, CFLO is accessible via Commsec, offering investors a straightforward avenue to include this ETF in their portfolios. In a move to further streamline access, Betashares is also in the process of developing a direct-to-investor app, Betashares Direct. This platform is poised to revolutionise ETF investing with features like zero brokerage on all ASX-traded ETFs, no account or platform fees, and a range of tools for effortless investing. Investors can register now for early access to this platform, which also includes the AutoPilot feature for automated investment strategies.

The introduction of CFLO on the ASX represents a significant step for Betashares, providing investors with a sophisticated financial instrument designed for the modern global market. Its focus on strong free cash flow generators positions it as a potentially lucrative option for those looking to diversify their investment portfolios with a global perspective.

For authenticity verification and detailed information about the Betashares Global Cash Flow Kings ETF, please refer to the official Australian Securities Exchange website and Betashares’ official communications. It is important to consult these primary sources for the most accurate and up-to-date information.
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