Queensland’s leap in international education with China

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Queensland's Leap in Global Education with China: Annastacia Palaszczuk

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has spearheaded a historic trade mission to China, marking the most significant delegation of this kind in Queensland’s history. The delegation, comprising over 100 representatives from diverse sectors like education, business, resources, agriculture, and tourism, has embarked on this journey with the primary objective of strengthening trade ties and economic collaboration between Queensland and China, its largest goods export market, with a remarkable trade value of $23.7 billion.

This trade mission, encompassing visits to Shanghai and Beijing, goes beyond mere trade discussions. It represents a step towards renewing international relationships and economic cooperation in the post-pandemic era. The Queensland Pavilion’s opening at the China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai, a global trade event of immense significance, serves as a testament to Queensland’s commitment. This expo provides a unique opportunity for Queensland to showcase a wide array of its premium products, from beef and seafood to exquisite wines, beverages, and health products, on a global stage.

At the heart of this mission lies a crucial focus on education, especially considering China’s status as the largest source of international student enrolments in Queensland. This segment of the mission is particularly noteworthy, as these students contribute significantly to Queensland’s economy and act as lifelong advocates for the state. The academic collaboration, exemplified by the University of Queensland’s partnership with Chinese universities on crucial global research areas, such as low-emission iron and steel production and innovative medical treatments, underscores the depth of this educational alliance.

The mission also zeroes in on substantial investment opportunities, especially in the realm of decarbonisation. The signing of multiple Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) between Queensland companies and Chinese partners lays the foundation for mutual innovation and sustainable development, aligning with the global need for environmental consciousness and connectedness.

As Queensland gears up to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games, this mission assumes additional significance. It presents a golden opportunity for Queensland to demonstrate its capabilities not just as a hub for trade and education but also as a premier destination for international events and tourism.

Tourism, particularly in relation to the Chinese market, forms a crucial aspect of the mission. Patricia O’Callaghan, CEO of Tourism and Events Queensland, underscores the potential rebound of Chinese tourism, projected to contribute close to $3 billion annually to Queensland’s economy by 2032. The state’s initiatives in aviation attraction and the ‘Beautiful Way To Be’ campaign highlight its commitment to re-establishing itself as a preferred destination for Chinese travellers.

This mission highlights the multifaceted relationship between Queensland and China, encompassing elements of trade, education, tourism, and cultural exchange. It also signifies Queensland’s readiness to seize opportunities and tackle the challenges of a rapidly changing global landscape. Premier Palaszczuk emphasises that this mission is not just about reinforcing existing ties but also about exploring new avenues for collaboration, ensuring Queensland’s continued prominence in global trade, innovation, and cultural exchange.

This historic trade mission to China stands as a symbol of Queensland’s resilient spirit and its ambition to nurture a sustainable and prosperous future for both its residents and international partners.

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