Diwali delights: Glen Eira’s festival of lights shines bright!

By Our Reporter
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Get ready for a spectacular evening as Glen Eira’s Festival of Lights, Diwali, illuminates the community

Join us to celebrate Diwali in Glen Eira, a vibrant event featuring local performers, traditional cuisine, and contemporary culture. Bring your family and friends to mark the beginning of the Festival of Lights and share in the brightness of life as a community.

Hosted by DJ Richi Madan

Our festivities will be hosted by the charismatic DJ Richi Madan, a pioneer of Bollywood and Bhangra music with 30 years of experience. Known and adored at our Diwali festivals, DJ Richi promises to keep the energy high and the dance floor alive.

Entertainment Line-up
  • South Indian Parai Drummers: Kick-start the celebrations with the rhythmic beats of South Indian Parai drummers, setting the tone for a joyous Diwali.
  • Chandralaya School of Dance: Enjoy captivating Indian classical dance performances by the talented artists from Chandralaya School of Dance, immersing you in the rich cultural traditions of India.
  • Sindhu Bhairavi Centre for Indian Arts and Culture: Experience a vibrant blend of tradition, colour, and rhythm as the Sindhu Bhairavi Centre for Indian Arts and Culture takes the stage.
  • DJ Richi’s Dhol Drumming and Ignite Bollywood Dancers: DJ Richi will entertain us with his dhol drumming skills, while the Ignite Bollywood dancers synchronise their moves to his beats, captivating the audience with their incredible talent.
  • Bolly Dazzlers Dance Troupe: Witness the wow factor with the electrifying performances of the Bolly Dazzlers dance troupe.
Dance Takes Centre Stage

At Glen Eira’s Festival of Lights, dance is at the heart of the celebration. Get ready to move to the beats and rhythms that define the spirit of Diwali.

Fun Beyond the Stage

Between performances, be sure to explore our photobooth and enjoy complimentary face painting. Don’t miss our henna art stations, where skilled artists will intricately decorate your hands, adding a touch of tradition to your experience.

Feasting and Shopping

Discover local Glen Eira traders’ market stalls, offering a diverse array of products and crafts. Indulge in a variety of cuisines, including Nepalese, Indian, and Australian-Indian fusion. Make this event your dinner destination and enjoy the culinary delights.

Continuing a Tradition

Glen Eira City Council initiated its first Diwali event in October 2022, which saw thousands of people coming together in celebration. This year promises an even more remarkable experience, uniting the community and fostering togetherness among diverse populations.

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Join us for a memorable Diwali celebration at Booran Reserve, Glen Huntly. Let the Festival of Lights illuminate your evening and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

  • Date and Time: Friday, November 10th, 4:30 pm – 8:00 pm
  • Location: Booran Reserve, Glen Huntly
  • Admission: Free, Family-Friendly Event

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