Dancing queen to tech maven: Meet Mrs Femina Beauty Australia 2023

By Our Reporter
Mrs Femina Beauty Australia 2023 Neha Sharma // Pic supplied

Melbourne-based IT entrepreneur Neha Sharma has danced her way into the spotlight as the newly crowned Mrs Femina Beauty Australia 2023. Not just content with running her own IT company and being a mum to two, she’s shown that it’s never too late to chase your dreams, even if those dreams involve juggling family, a career, and now, a crown.

Neha Sharma, originally from Delhi, India, has been living in Melbourne for many years. Married for 17 years, she has two sons aged 11 and 15. But don’t mistake her for just another busy mum—Neha’s been tapping into her inner star since her teenage years. A self-described “teenage mum,” Neha admits that motherhood has been a challenge, but it’s a role she’s still mastering. Amid the rigours of life, she recognised her inner star, a realisation that eventually led her to claim the Mrs Femina Beauty Australia 2023 title.

In addition to the coveted Mrs Femina Beauty title, Neha also clinched Mrs Photogenic 2023 and Mrs Congeniality 2023 at the event held on 1 October 2023, at 3994 Pacific Highway, Loganholme, Queensland. Gratitude filled her voice as she thanked Femina Beauty Australia, her supporters and TAZZ for their unwavering support and love. “It is a great honour for me to receive this,” she said.

Mrs Femina Beauty Australia 2023 Neha Sharma // Photos courtesy of AKP Photography

However, Neha is quick to point out that her victory symbolises more than just a crown and a title. “It’s about dedication and doing what you believe in,” she stated emphatically.

While not much is revealed about the specifics of the Mrs Femina Beauty Australia 2023 competition, such as the criteria, judges, or organisational aspects, what’s evident is that it’s a platform that brings together contestants possibly from diverse backgrounds. And for Neha, the journey has been nothing short of “extraordinary,” thanks to her network of friends and supporters.

Mrs Femina Beauty Australia 2023 Neha Sharma // Pic supplied

Outside of her new role as a beauty queen, Neha is a tech-savvy entrepreneur who runs her own IT company. But it doesn’t end there. Her passions spill over into the online sphere where she indulges in making dance reels on Instagram and funny videos. Socialising is part of her nature, and she loves to uplift others, strongly believing that “there is always a star hidden in all of us who wants to come out and flaunt in front of the whole world.”

Neha’s journey from being a young mother to a successful businesswoman and now a beauty queen is a testament to her resilience, tenacity, and versatility. For her, the crown is not the final destination but rather a fresh beginning. “I am so positively motivated to see what lies ahead,” she enthused, and we can only wait with bated breath to see what this multi-talented dynamo does next.

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