Melbourne’s Grainshaker wins Global Vodka Producer of the Year

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In a triumph for Australian spirits, Melbourne-based Grainshaker Australian Vodka has nabbed the prestigious title of Vodka Producer of the Year at this year’s International Wine & Spirits Competition in London. The accolade not only elevates Grainshaker onto the world stage but also marks just the second instance in Australian history that a homegrown brand has clinched this honour, trailing behind Four Pillars Gin.

Grainshaker, a relative newcomer that sprang onto the local market in 2020, pulled off a major upset by beating more than 200 producers, including industry heavyweights like Whiteclaw and Anora PLC, in this annual competition that celebrates the crème de la crème of global spirits and alcohol production.

The accolade was determined by a panel of nine international judges who lauded Grainshaker for its unswerving commitment to quality and innovation. David T. Smith, speaking on behalf of the judging panel, described the vodka as “a stylish and versatile spirit. Light in body and gently warming, the palate shows great purity.” Smith also noted the vodka’s fresh citrus notes and creamy mouthfeel, highlighting its “very smooth offering showing good character on the finish.”

Top Shelf International, the company behind Grainshaker, sources all its ingredients from Victoria and New South Wales. Employing a dedicated team of 80 in Melbourne’s north, the distillery takes pride in its Aussie roots. According to Trent Fraser, CEO of Top Shelf International, winning the Vodka Producer of the Year award is more than just a feather in their cap—it’s an “acknowledgment of the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence.”

The victory also ushers in a promising new era for Australian spirits on the international platform. Fraser mentioned the award as a validation of the team’s hard work and a stepping stone towards larger aspirations. “We are embarking on this journey by creating pioneering and fearless brands. We’ve got a loyal and strong customer base here in Australia, but this win will help us expand into international markets like Asia and the USA,” he explained.

Fraser was not alone in celebrating the momentous win. Sophie Went, Coles Liquor Business Category Manager Spirits & RTD, congratulated Grainshaker on their achievement, praising the distillery’s dedication to the distillation process and its commitment to innovation.

Consumers looking to taste this award-winning vodka can find it exclusively at national Coles Liquor retailers, including Liquorland, First Choice Liquor Market, and Vintage Cellars, priced at $59.

Born out of the ambition to inject some zest and excitement into an otherwise monotonous vodka market, Grainshaker employs Australian grains, which are renowned for their character. The distillery has also signed a three-year partnership with the Australian Open and the Australian Turf Club, signalling its entry into the Australian market with a bang. So, if you find yourself in Sydney for the Spring Carnival, make sure to stop by the Grainshaker caravan at Randwick. Alternatively, look out for their stands at festivals around the country this summer.

With the win, Grainshaker Vodka has indeed shaken up the international spirits industry and set a new standard for what Australian distilleries can achieve. As we raise a glass to their success, one thing’s for certain: Australian spirits have made a splash, and they’re here to stay. Cheers!

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