Howzat! Aussie cricketers don Indigenous artwork to bowl over fashion and tradition

By Our Reporter
New Australian cricket uniforms are breaking new ground by featuring a First Nations design // Photo supplied by Cricket Australia

Cricket Australia is stitching together the past, present, and future by launching new international uniforms for both the Australian men’s and women’s cricket teams for the upcoming two seasons. Produced in collaboration with apparel partner ASICS, the new uniforms are breaking new ground by featuring a First Nations design, marking a significant milestone in the sport’s journey towards inclusivity.

The uniforms are graced by the Walkabout Wickets artwork by Aunty Fiona Clarke. The artwork serves as a homage to the groundbreaking team that toured England in 1868 and pays tribute to the long-standing relationship that First Nations Peoples have had with cricket. Aunty Fiona Clarke, a direct descendant of the late cricketer ‘Mosquito’ Couzens from the First XI, expressed pride that the artwork would be emblazoned on all three Australian kits. “The Walkabout Wickets is to do with the past, present, and future. It’s talking about the cricket Walkabout team that first went to England in 1868,” she said.

On the fashion front, the men’s and women’s teams will don a yellow uniform for One-Day International matches, whereas a green kit is reserved for T20 International encounters. Both designs feature a consistent green trim on the sleeves. But these kits are not just about aesthetics; they also incorporate functional design enhancements. Ventilated mesh panels for increased airflow and a new pro fit design for better freedom of movement promise to keep the players comfortable and agile on the field.

ASICS Ambassador and Australian fast bowler Mitchell Starc echoed the excitement over the new attire. “I think it’s great having the Indigenous artwork on the kit. We’ve been pushing for that for a long time and now to have it represented on the uniform for all three formats is fantastic,” he remarked. Starc’s sentiments were mirrored by Australian wicketkeeper and fellow ASICS Ambassador Alyssa Healy, who added, “Wearing the Australian kit means everything to us, it’s what we were striving for as kids playing in the backyard. It never gets lost on us how special it is.”

ASICS Managing Director, Mark Brunton, noted that the new uniforms reflect the company’s ethos that the “positive power of sport and movement can transform us individually and as a community.” ASICS anticipates that seeing the Australian teams in these new uniforms will be a moment of collective pride, not just for the company but for the entire nation.

While fans eagerly await the debut of these innovative kits, those keen on donning similar apparel can find replicas now available for purchase on

The new uniforms mark not just a sartorial shift but also highlight the evolving cultural landscape of Australian cricket. By integrating Indigenous artwork into its international attire, Cricket Australia is bowling a googly that blends fashion, tradition, and inclusivity—an innings that promises to be as memorable as a hat-trick.

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