Cricket Australia unveils Australian ID Squad for upcoming South Africa Tour

By Our Reporter
Representational Photo by Pickled Stardust on Unsplash

Cricket Australia has announced the Australian squad for cricketers with an intellectual disability (ID) to tour South Africa from 8-21 November 2023.

Australia will travel to Pretoria in South Africa where they will play six T20I matches in a tri-series against South Africa and England at Tuks Oval.

This is the first international tour by the ID squad in six years. Australia last faced England’s ID squad at the CommBank International Cricket Inclusion Series in Brisbane in June 2022 where England prevailed.

Captain Haydn Brumm will lead an experienced squad including Gavan Hicks who scored a maiden international hundred against England in 2009, along with the uncapped trio of Lukas Woodhouse, Lachlan Mitchell, and Ethan Hooper.

The squad will assemble in Adelaide from 8-10 September for a training camp with the South Australian Cricket Association (SACA) at Karen Rolton Oval and SACA’s indoor training facility.

The announcement follows the National Cricket Inclusion Championships in February where Victoria claimed the national title in the cricketers with an intellectual disability division and players from across Australia competed for international selection.

With the support of CommBank, cricket is the first non-Paralympic Australian sport to fully fund national disability squads.

Cricket Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, Nick Hockley, expressed his enthusiasm for this development, “We are thrilled to announce the Australian squad for cricketers with an intellectual disability that will tour South Africa.

“It marks a significant milestone for the squad, and we are proud to support the group as they represent Australia on their first international tour since 2017.

“Cricket Australia is committed to promoting inclusion in our game and we are grateful for the support of CommBank. This tour provides another opportunity for the players to showcase their skills and represent their country and we wish them all the best for a successful and enjoyable tour.”

Australia’s ID squad:
  • Haydn Brumm (c) – (QLD/Gold Crest CC)
  • Gavan Hicks – (VIC/Thomson CC)
  • Joel Corbett – (TAS/Old Beach CC)
  • Lukas Woodhouse* – (VIC/Deer Park Cricket Club)
  • Jamie Phillips – (QLD/Runaway Bay CC)
  • Connor Sheppard – (TAS/South Launceston CC)
  • Nat Young – (NSW/South Tamworth CC)
  • Luke Goodman – (SA/Enfield United Community CC)
  • Jesse Goodman – (SA/Enfield United Community CC)
  • Lachlan Mitchell* – (VIC/Kingston Heath Cricket Club)
  • Patrick Wheeler – (VIC/Kingston Heath CC)
  • Mitchell Lawrence – (VIC/Axe Creek CC)
  • Lachlan MacRae – (VIC/Endeavour Hills CC)
  • Ethan Hooper* – (SA/Para Hills CC)
  • Coach: John Lonergan – (SA/Goodwood CC)
    *pending eligibility

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