Australia increases humanitarian program intake to address global crisis

By Our Reporter
Representative image // Photo by Levi Meir Clancy on Unsplash

In a significant move to address the escalating global humanitarian crisis, Australia’s Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, and Multicultural Affairs, Andrew Giles, has unveiled plans to boost the annual intake of the Humanitarian Program from 17,875 to 20,000 individuals.

This initiative comes at a time when over 100 million people are forcibly displaced worldwide, with more than 2 million urgently seeking resettlement.

The announcement reflects the Albanese Labor Government’s unwavering commitment to providing refuge and support to those in need, while contributing positively to the nation’s economy and society.

By expanding the Humanitarian Program, the government aims to ensure that Australia plays a substantial role in addressing the pressing global challenges of displacement, a press release from Giles office said.

Minister Andrew Giles emphasised, “The Albanese Government reaffirms its commitment to those in need with an increase in our Humanitarian Program annual intake. This responsibility extends beyond their arrival, by providing robust support to refugees to ensure they are well equipped to settle into Australia and rebuild their lives with certainty.”

Despite the surge in intake, Australia’s Operation Sovereign Borders policy architecture remains unchanged. Unauthorized boat voyages will continue to face stringent measures, including being turned back to their point of departure, returned to their home country, or transferred to another nation. Non-citizens found not meeting Australia’s protection obligations and exhausting all avenues to remain in the country are expected to depart promptly.

Minister Giles added, “With more people displaced worldwide than ever before, the Albanese Labor Government is stepping up to play its part in the global resettlement effort in a responsible way. Refugees have provided an invaluable contribution to our country – from Awer Mabil to Anh Do, Tan Le to Frank Lowy.”

This proactive step by the Albanese Government not only reaffirms Australia’s commitment to humanitarian principles but also underscores the nation’s dedication to addressing the ongoing global crisis through practical and compassionate measures.

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