Vivienne Nguyen AM: Continued commitment to Victoria’s multicultural vibrance

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Viv Nguyen // Photo:,-new-chair-of-the-victorian-multicultural-commission

The Andrews Labour Government has announced the continuation of Vivienne Nguyen AM’s stewardship as Chairperson of the Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC), a move that underscores the ongoing commitment to nurturing and promoting Victoria’s multicultural and multi-faith communities.

VMC plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between the government and the community, championing the socio-economic benefits of cultural diversity, and celebrating the vibrance of Victoria’s multicultural framework.

Ms. Nguyen, an esteemed Vietnamese-Australian, brings over 25 years of leadership experience across corporate, community, and government settings. Applying her business acumen and technical expertise, she has been instrumental in propelling organisations towards achieving their objectives.

Ms. Nguyen’s contribution to advocating for women’s leadership and supporting young Vietnamese individuals led to her induction into the Victorian Honour Roll in 2002. The Australian Centenary Medal followed in 2003, and more recently, in 2021, she received the Australian Order in the AM division, acknowledging her invaluable contributions to advancing multicultural Victoria.

During the challenging times of the pandemic and the recovery phase from the floods, Ms. Nguyen’s leadership was indispensable. Leveraging the extensive networks of the VMC and its commissioners, she collaborated with community leaders and peak bodies to provide unique resources for diverse communities.

Her zeal for authentic community engagement propels her vision for the VMC, promising to extend the significant achievements made during the pandemic to other areas of government service delivery, including mental health, family violence, and employment.

Minister for Multicultural Affairs Colin Brooks spoke highly of Ms. Nguyen, stating, “Viv has proven herself to be an outstanding asset to the Victorian Multicultural Commission.” He highlighted the insight gathered through engaging with multicultural communities during the pandemic as an enriching element for the VMC’s future strategy to support and enhance the government’s interaction with culturally and linguistically diverse Victorians.

On her reappointment, Ms. Nguyen expressed, “It’s a great honour to serve the people of Victoria and to be part of the socially cohesive state that is most culturally and religiously diverse.” She voiced pride in being a part of the VMC and looks forward to advancing greater access and representation in her continued tenure.

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