Victoria’s Great Outdoors boosting regional tourism

By Our Reporter
Grampians // Photo by Gagandeep Singh on Unsplash

Upgrades to provide additional facilities and improve accessibility are now complete at Mount Cole State Forest’s campground.

Funded by the Andrews Labor Government’s Victoria’s Great Outdoors, the popular campground received a $410,000 upgrade to make the site accessible for everyone.

The new upgrades include accessible car parking, picnic tables and an all abilities concrete path connecting all facilities.

Two new dual toilets have also been installed in the northern and southern sections of the campground, an official press release said.

These important upgrades will make the space the first fully accessible campground in a state forest based in the Grampians region.

With a diverse and growing number of people visiting this popular campsite, these accessible upgrades will provide a unique and enjoyable experience for all.

Victoria’s Great Outdoors is boosting regional tourism and making it easier for Victorians to access and enjoy nature by investing $106.6 million in better walking trails, campgrounds, four-wheel drive tracks and visitor facilities.

To find out more about Victoria’s Great Outdoors click here.

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