Centre for Australia-India Relations establishes inaugural Advisory Board

By Our Reporter
Foreign Minister Penny Wong with Swati Dave, the inaugural Chair of the Advisory Board to the Centre for Australia-India Relations // Pic source Twitter // @SenatorWong

In a move to bolster engagement between India and Australia, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Foreign Minister Penny Wong announced the headquarters of the new Centre for Australia-India Relations in Parramatta.

The centre, led by Chair Swati Dave and CEO Tim Thomas, will facilitate deeper connections through business, policy, cultural activities, and collaboration with Indian diaspora communities.

The Centre will work across government, industry, academia and the community to build greater understanding within the Australia-India relationship and support business to seize the opportunities of our economic partnership, an official release from Foreign Minister Wong said.

The Centre’s headquarters will be in Parramatta, an emerging hub for entrepreneurship and innovation and home to one of Australia’s largest Indian communities. The new headquarters is being supported by the NSW Government.

The other appointments to the Board include:

  • Ms Florence Drummond, CEO, Indigenous Women in Mining and Resources Australia
  • Mr Adam Gilchrist AO, former Australian cricket captain
  • Ms Amrit Gill, Creative Program Lead, City of Melbourne
  • Ms Catriona Jackson, CEO, Universities Australia
  • Mr Sammy Kumar, CEO, Sayers Group
  • The Hon. Martin Hamilton-Smith, former South Australian Minister for Trade
  • Ms Mitu Bhowmick Lange AM, CEO, Mind Blowing Films
  • Ms Jodi McKay, National Chair, Australia India Business Council
  • Mr Gunjan Pagare, Executive Manager, Community Investment, Commonwealth Bank
  • Mr Amit Singh, Managing Partner, Mandala Partners
  • Ms Jan Adams AO PSM, (ex-officio), Secretary, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Earlier, Prime Minister Albanese revealed the establishment of the Australian Consulate-General in Bengaluru, expanding Australia’s diplomatic presence and fostering connections with India’s thriving digital economy, innovation ecosystem, and scientific advancements.

The Australian and Indian leaders also celebrated the contributions of the Indian diaspora in Australia during a community event at Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney yesterday. In recognition of their impact on Australia’s multicultural society, the unveiling of a plaque for the foundation stone of a “Little India” gateway in Harris Park took place.

Furthermore, the leaders expressed their appreciation for the City of Perth and the Western Australian Government’s decision to rename a road along Perth’s Swan River. The road will now bear the name of Private Nain Singh Sailani, honouring one of the 12 known ANZACs of Indian descent who fought in the Australian Imperial Force during World War I.

The meeting between Prime Minister Albanese and Prime Minister Modi served to strengthen the bilateral ties between Australia and India, reinforcing their commitment to cooperation and mutual growth in various spheres.

For more information on the Centre for Australia-India Relations, visit its website: www.australiaindiacentre.org.au.

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