Where philanthropy and passion meet on the open road

By Indira Laisram
[L-R] Mavleen Singh Dhir (Founder, Singhs Social Motorcycle Club Australia), Rizwan Butt (from UAE Royal Riders), Birinder Singh, Gurnam Singh (Founding Father, Singhs Motorcycle Club) at the International Meet in Dubai // Pic supplied

Sydney-based Birinder Singh lives for the thrill of the open road on his Suzuki Boulevard M109R every week, fortnight, or month. But he is not alone. Birinder is a proud member of the Singhs Social Motorcycle Club, a unique community of riders who share his passion for riding and philanthropy.

The roots of the club go back to 2014, when it was first founded in Dubai with the mission to promote brotherhood, equality, and philanthropy through motorcycle riding.

“The name ‘Singhs’ was chosen to dignify courage, strength, Bravery and resilience,” says Birinder.

When the pandemic started in 2020, Mavleen Singh Dhir decided to extend the club’s philosophy to Australia, and by 2021 it quickly gained popularity amid the pandemic.

“Save Sydney’s Koalas” – Koala Conservation Awareness Event May 2022 // Pic supplied

For Mavleen Singh (one of the founder members of the Sydney chapter) and the 51 other members, including its first female member, Megha, the club is much more than just a hobby. It is a way of life, a platform to use their love for riding to make a positive impact on the world around them.

“2021, the year we launched the club, was big for us. We started a fundraiser for the NSW floods with one member Sanjeev Malhotra, co-founder of the club, who owns a venue donating the space for the purpose.

“We raised 1,300 AUD, a small amount but one that would set the pace for future activities,” says Birinder, adding, “Generally, people from the Sikhism background have it in them to help others. That’s why we have had these fundraisers, though not on a grand scale.”

Club member addressing the public on why we need koala conservation // Pic supplied

Also that year, the club participated in several other social activities and rides such as the Save Sydney Koalas awareness ride aimed at safeguarding the Sydney koala population’s habitat.

From helping children with disabilities to supporting animal shelters and disaster relief efforts, the club is stepping up and offering support. The club has also established a blood donation team registered with the Red Cross, and members are encouraged to donate blood regularly.

Feeding the homeless // Pic supplied

The club also rode against domestic violence in association with the White Ribbon Society to help brothers and sisters speak up against this evil in society.

“This ride started from Glenwood Sikh Temple, NSW, and ended at the First Sikh Temple of Australia in Woolgoolga, sending a strong message of communal harmony and peace,” says Birinder.

The Singhs for Climate initiative is one of the club’s upcoming activities. It involves teaming up with the local council and participating in tree plantation drives.

Club members after donating blood in Dec 2022 // Pic supplied

In June, the club will organise a motorcycle ride from Glenwood to the Australian War Memorial, Canberra, to raise awareness about the contributions of Sikh Soldiers in WWI, WWII, Battle of Saragarhi and Gallipoli Campaign, where Sikhs fought alongside ANZACs.

Woolgoolga Ride Nov 2022 // Pic suppliedBecause of its philosophy and philanthropic initiatives, Birinder says no one can just call up and become a member. “We have a feeder group, that means any prospective member who wants to join the club has to go through the group and complete five rides with us. That way we get to know one another. If their ideology matches ours, they are welcome.”

The club is not exclusive to Indians, and everybody irrespective of gender or ethnicity, age is welcome, adds Birinder. “It is based on the ideology of Sikhism where respect for fellow riders, no drinking and smoking are prime. It is a motorcycling group of like-minded individuals that is family-oriented and community-minded, dedicated to shaping the future while honouring the past. We ensure members get a genuine riding experience while discovering the roads of Australia.”

Club members at Grey Gum Cafe – Flag Hoisting March 2023 // Pic supplied

It’s worth noting that the members of this riding club wear a distinctive vest featuring their logo. The members ride a diverse range of bikes, from Harley’s to sports bikes, and even Royal Enfields

The Singhs Social Motorcycle Club is a testament to the power of community and the importance of using passion for good. A shining example of how people can come together to create a better world. One ride at a time.

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