Docklands: A popular living choice for Melbourne newcomers

By Our Reporter
The Docklands Navatari Community Picnic, October 2022 // Photo Courtesy of Docklands Neighbourhood House

The Docklands, located on the outer western fringe of Melbourne’s CBD is building a reputation for being a very different CBD living experience.  The combination of its picturesque location with city skyline or harbourside views, its accessibility to the rest of Melbourne’s CBD via the Free Tram Zone, and easy access to the rest of Melbourne via the CityLink road network—offers very different lifestyle to other Melbourne CBD precincts.

The Docklands is also home to a growing community of new arrival residents from India.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2021 Census, 14.5% of Docklands residents were born in India—that is over 10% higher than the Australian average and an increase from the previous Census in 2016.

The 2021 Census recorded 60% of households spoke a non-English language in the home, illustrating the diversity of the local Docklands community.

Photo Courtesy of Docklands Neighbourhood House

The Docklands is also becoming increasingly popular with young couples and families:

  • 50% are family households
  • 67% of residents work full-time (10% higher than Victorian average)
  • 60% are Professional / Managers (23% above the Victorian average)

To service the growing community of young families the new Docklands Primary School opened in February 2021 located on Little Docklands Drive opposite The District.  The growth of residents moving to the Docklands in the past few years has seen the Primary School already exceed its capacity of 500 students in just over two years. A satellite campus for the Docklands Primary School is confirmed to ensure the school can continue to accommodate the growing number of residents choosing to live in the Docklands and will be located within The District.

School Holiday Art & Craft Activity // Photo Courtesy of Docklands Neighbourhood House

In addition to the school, the Docklands also benefits from having its own Neighbourhood House conveniently located on Wharf Street within The District precinct. Supported by the City of Melbourne and Development Victoria the facility “aims to connect the Docklands community with programs and activities that meet the unique needs of those living in the Docklands.”

Just some of the events and activities that are held for the local community in the Docklands include Vasant and Diwali Festivals, Navatari Community Picnic, Yoga and Pilates classes, Digital Story Telling courses plus Afternoon Play Sessions and School Holiday activities.

Jason Butcher, Community Development Officer at Docklands Neighbourhood House which operates with the support of local and state governments says, “It’s wonderful working with the Indian community, they are such a vital part of Docklands and bring so much life and energy to the area.”

The Docklands is also home to The District, an urban village where both locals and visitors to Melbourne can eat, play, stay and shop. The District Docklands offers a diverse range of unique attractions, dining options, hotels, office spaces, lifestyle retail and everyday needs shopping and services for locals, empowering visitors to live life to the fullest potential.

Hoyts at The District, not only offers one of Australia’s premier cinema experiences with each seat featuring a powered recliner boasting extra leg room, wider seating and extra comfort, they also cater to the diversity of our locals and Melbourne’s West and have been building a reputation for being one of the top destinations to experience Indian cinema in Melbourne.

At The District, we are committed to making every moment count and shape unforgettable experiences for all including our vibrant and diverse local community.  It is the perfect place for young families as we offer a variety of child-friendly destinations, events and dining options that cater for the whole family.  It’s fast becoming Melbourne’s Entertainment District with some of Melbourne’s newest and most unique experiences,” says Director of Precincts, Jonathan Codman, “Combine this with the convenience of the local supermarkets—Costco and Woolworths, specialty Asian grocer, chemist warehouse, Australia Post and other everyday needs and services. The District is also becoming an essential part of the daily lives of locals.  The outdoor, covered laneways are very unique as they also provide a fun space for kids who can ride their scooters or even enjoy a game of table tennis on one of the tables that are dotted around the precinct.  For many locals The District is their backyard, so much so we even welcome our four-legged friends!  Plus, there’s also O’Brien Icehouse where you can Ice Skate or watch and Ice Hockey game. It is an exciting time as there continues to be further development of the Docklands by a number of developers including The District where planning is underway to add more residential and a dedicated health and wellness precinct.”

The District has business opportunities available for an Indian Grocer, Indian restaurant and other specialty stores as many local families are missing not having these options readily available at their doorstep.

For more information on The District visit or contact Jonathan Codman 0417 065 494.

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