Townsville’s Kannada community celebrates Ugadi Uthsava

By Our Reporter
Townsville children take part in Ugadi Uthsava celebration // Photo by Vikram Vasisht

After a three-year COVID hiatus, the Kannada Sangha Townsville celebrated Ugadi Uthsava, an auspicious festival that holds immense significance for the Kannada community.

The festival, held on March 25, was a much-awaited event for the Kannada community, who came together to mark the occasion. Ugadi festival is traditionally celebrated as the New Year for the Kannada people and marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle. It is a time of joy and hope, and the community made sure to mark it in a special way.

The Kannada Sangha Townsville played a pivotal role in n organising the event and bringing the community together.

Ugadi Uthsava celebration in Townsville // Photo by Vikram Vasisht

The festivities included traditional food, music, and dance performances by members of the community.  The festivities were inclusive of a scrumptious dinner, community games, cultural activities, and a Kannada quiz, tailored to engage children and adults alike. The highlight of the evening was a delightful dance performance by a group of children dedicated to their fathers, which was a heart-warming moment that left the audience teary-eyed, witnessing the pure joy and emotions shared between parents and children.

The women in attendance graced the occasion in traditional attire, with a saree theme of either “Irkal Saree” or “Saree with Temple Border,” which added to the colorful vibrancy of the event. The celebration kicked off with an enchanting song and dance performance by the children, followed by soulful folk songs by men, women, and mixed groups. The quiz session was a hit among the attendees, with two dynamic and lively women leading the charge and creating an energetic and engaging atmosphere.

The 2023 Ugadi festival served as a chance for members of the Kannada community to come together and rejoice in their culture. The festival provided an excellent platform for individuals to socialise, forge new connections, and deepen existing relationships, as is typical of any celebration that brings people together.

Ugadi Uthsava celebration in Townsville // Photo by Vikram Vasisht

Overall, the event was a huge success, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the women who organised it.

The success and joy of the 2023 Ugadi Uthsava celebration have left the Kannada community in Townsville eagerly anticipating the next festival.

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