Devilbend a freshwater hotspot on the Peninsula

By Our Reporter
Representative image // Photo by NOAA on Unsplash

Devilbend Reservoir on the Mornington Peninsula has received its first fish stocking of 2023 with the release of catchable size brown trout today, part of the Andrews Labor Government’s ongoing mission to further improve fishing.

Minister for Outdoor Recreation Sonya Kilkenny joined Member for Eastern Victoria Tom McIntosh to stock the 500-gram trout into the reservoir where they are expected to reach a kilogram or more within a year.

Devilbend Reservoir is already a terrific fishery thanks to the stocking of nearly 250,000 brown trout and rainbow trout since 2010 when the waterway was first stocked. Some of these fish have grown to 2kg or more and are highly prized by local anglers and visitors.

The stocking of Devilbend is another tourism drawcard on the Mornington Peninsula with visitors provided with great freshwater and saltwater fishing opportunities. And with Victorian recreational fishing directly employing 6,400 people and pumping $2.3 billion into the economy, it’s a big deal for local businesses and jobs.

In addition to trout, Devilbend Reservoir is also one of few waterways in Victoria stocked with estuary perch and has received more than 120,000 over the past eight years. They have excelled in the productive waters and are keenly sought after by lure casters and fly fishers on warm summer nights when the species is particularly active.

In 2022, Devilbend was one of 220 lakes and rivers across the state to share in Victoria’s record-breaking stocking effort of 10 million fish including trout, salmon, Murray cod, golden perch, estuary perch and Australian bass, an official press release said.

That is more fish stocking than any other state or territory in Australia and delivered on a key platform of the Labor Government’s Go Fishing plan.

The trout stocked today were grown at the Victorian Fisheries Authority’s (VFA) Snobs Creek hatchery near Eildon.

The hatchery grows more than a million trout and salmon annually as part of its statewide stocking program, along with Murray cod and threatened species such as Macquarie perch and trout cod.

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