Great Ocean Road Authority launches new Cliff Safety campaign

By Our Reporter
Great Ocean Road, Peterborough, Australia // Photo by Weyne Yew on Unsplash

The Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks Authority has launched a new public safety campaign to raise awareness of the risks posed by cliff failure.

There have been three significant cliff collapses over the space of six weeks on land the Authority manages in recent months, and with increasing summer crowds, the campaign aims to raise awareness of the risks to public health and safety.

Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks Authority CEO, Jodie Sizer said, “While there is much to be excited about for the coming months, we want people to be safe when enjoying our coast this summer.

“We’re asking everyone to keep safe by following the campaign’s four simple stepssteer clear of risky areas, stick to established tracks, follow the signs and spread the word.”

Cliff collapses are unpredictable and can occur without warning, posing a significant risk to clifftop and beach users. Cliffs between Torquay and Aireys Inlet are composed of relatively soft rocks, which combined with large swells and tides and above-average rainfall, makes them more susceptible to collapse than other coastal areas.

The Authority takes a range of actions to help minimise the impact of cliff failure, including:

  • Warning signage;
  • Ongoing monitoring including regular site visits, aerial imagery and drone surveys;
  • Fencing on clifftops to keep users away from the cliff edge;
  • Relocating amenities such as walking tracks away from the cliff edge; and
  • In cases of extreme risk, closing unsafe areas. For example, the beach at Demons Bluff, west of Anglesea Family Caravan Park, remains closed.

While the Authority is doing all it can to minimise risk to public safety, the new campaign is about increasing awareness among locals and visitors of cliff hazards, risks and safety to reduce the likelihood of a cliff failure resulting in harm.

There are four simple points the campaign asks people to remember: stay away from cliffs and caves; stick to established tracks; see the signs and follow guidance; and share the word and warn others.

➡ Click here for more information about Cliff Safety

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